Thursday, August 20, 2015

A New Friend

So, for the past while I've come up with numerous things to think in my thinkings, and I considered saying them on my blog, but I didn't because it didn't seem important enough.

But now, I have something to talk about.

I've gotten into an email friendship with a girl. She comes from a country very far away. She has romantic interest in me, and I can understand that she and I have some chance of being that way successfully, but it's a small chance, so small a chance that I would call it a "pipe-dream".

I do actually find myself wishing her well and looking for her "success", and well, the sad thing is I'm not sure what I can do for or with her except write email and chat.

You see, in order to really live with a girl and have a family, I would need a lot more money than I have.

My Alberta AiSH payment might seem like a lot, and compared to so many places in the world it is pretty decent, except living here in alberta is very expensive with how high housing costs are. I can afford to live with my parents on AiSH. Very difficult to consider having my own place, especially when I might be living with an immigrant.

So, basically, there's a girl who has expressed great interest in me, and I am willing to accept that --- except it can't go any further than email just because people don't pay me for the work I've done.

I think it's kind of sad actually ---- I get the lion's share of my income from doing nothing, and I do all this work and get paid nothing for it.

To me, that says "Socialism wins" --- or even "Communism wins" --- when I get everything I have for nothing, and then all my efforts earn me nothing.

Is it a bad thing that socialism could take over? Not necessarily, I think there are some very good things about some social ideology, but I'm basically living a socialist life in a capitalist society where housing is extremely expensive and you basically need to be an oil tycoon in order to live in a house.

Anyway, just saying, I think it would have been great if people had paid me for my efforts, that way I might've had a chance of actually having proper female companionship or I could stop being such a burden on the government.

Anyway. I understand that there are so many millions of people who pretty much don't have money, and I do have some idea of support for a social agenda where everyone is provided for ----- but it just gets ridiculous when hundreds or thousands of people don't pay the less than $1 price I ask for ---- it actually seems kind of dishonest.

I'm also forgiving, but I am saddened that people go out of their way to do the wrong thing or choose something immoral (like stealing) when the price is so low they probably could have easily just paid the small price and have been honest about it.

My psychiatrist says that people will do wrong the wrong things they think they can get away with.

I am forgiving, but I am also disappointed in so many people. I am actually kind of disappointed in humanity actually. But anyway.

So, I'm planning on publishing another book, and I think it's kind of an interesting read. I am hoping people will be decent and pay the price it costs, but I already know from experience that if it's not freely available or rip-offable, it might not get much attention. So sad.

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