Thursday, July 9, 2015


So, I turned on Apple Music "what's new" (or whatever it's called) on my iPad and saw Eminem's new music video for "Phenomenal".

My brain has gone into it's paranoid little "The Number 23" mode again.

Apparently, the song for this music video is soundtrack for a movie called "South Paw", a movie about a boxer.

So, I've had a little drama with OUYA recently in my life.

Before OUYA was OUYA, they were "Boxer8", I think. First comparison.

South Paw? Left handed? I'm right handed. South Park. My "paranoid 23" mind also sees myself represented in South Park.

So, the music video takes place in an asian city, where the protaganist is running around kicking ass.

The ending he's falling from an exploding helicopter.

Sound familiar? If you read my books, maybe you'd see some similarity in these themes.

He sings "I'm phenomenal" ----- if I'm seeing this in relation to myself, it's nice to be recognized for how truly great my story has been. I wrote my book because I thought my life was truly remarkable. Unlike that one star reviewer who implied I was just anybody.

Anyway, it was funny because the lyrics of the song mention something along the lines of how "I'm a phenomenal legend, while your legend is to make a false allegation" (paraphrased) ----- yes, this too sounds familiar to my story.

Basically, my "paranoid 23" mind is going all blinky with this song and music video.  Just seeing relationships, coincidences, similarities and maybe familiarities.

Another lyric from the beginning of the song is "Unpoppable thought bubbles". Yay - reminds me of myself again.

So, whatever the heck is going on, with OUYA going all hay-wire on me and now a Boxer movie with soundtrack and music video I can seriously relate to ---- whatever it all means, whatever happened, I'm thankful my story appears to be having some of the true recognition it deserves as being "remarkable", or "phenomenal".

At least, in my "paranoid 23" mind.

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