Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Parallels Emerge

So, I've tried to update Blaine Bananatree and Pfhonge.

OUYA rejected both updates --- and in my opinion, the reasons for their rejections were not valid.

I was really disappointed about this, so I pulled my games from publication (for the time being), and sent an email to OUYA about it.

But just moments ago, I realized something.

The Eagle's Sore.

The computer company in the Eagle's Sore rejected the elves' indie video game for very bad and even rude reasons,

and now I'm seeing OUYA apparently mimic that behaviour, from the company in the book.

First off ---- If OUYA read my book, I just have to note that I didn't get paid for it. If they bought a copy, the sales report never came to me.

Second off ---- I don't have a miserly dwarven friend to drive me down to their headquarters to pay them a visit, so it's not like I'm going to mimic the book in that way or anything.

But, just seeing a real-life-reality situation that seems to mirror the situation in my book is kind of funny.

But I'm also disappointed, because I expected OUYA to be leaps and bounds better than the computer company in my book.

To be honest, when I wrote The Eagle's Sore, I don't think I had even heard of OUYA, I wasn't a backer, even as I couldn't afford it and might not've heard of them.

I got into OUYA after finding out about them from stock market research, and my book had already been published at that time.

In that way, this situation is now comparable to the Xbox video game Alan Wake.

But anyway, though I'm practically out of debt now, I'm technically still in debt, and I can't afford to go to California. And even if I did go to California, I'm not sure what I'd do.

Was my book a stupid idea? The story is a little iffy maybe, but trying to sell that book was a good idea, because I learned that over 99% of the human race who has read it has been unwilling to pay the smallest price for anything I do.

I make more money from doing nothing and living on disability welfare than I do from trying to put forth an effort.

Anyway, it's kind of amusing and scary at the same time that I would see parallels between OUYA's recent behaviour and the action of the computer company in my book. Kind of disappointed about that, and wonder what the relationship could be, if there is one.

Yeah --- after so many people neglect to pay for anything and after being given a hard time on OUYA Forum and from OUYA ---- I just can't be bothered anymore, so currently my games are pulled from publication at my own behest.

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