Monday, July 13, 2015

OUYA might be dying - or else my information is wrong

I've reactivated my games in the OUYA store --- after coming back from a short vacation, I was able to think somewhat more clearly again and decided to try and be less abrasive by putting my games back up on the store.

Pfhonge will go back to it's last approved version and remove MOJO availability.

I will try to get the new version of Blaine Bananatree out because OUYA's last rejection made no sense to me - I've never seen the problem they've had.

These two 'updates' pending OUYA's approval.


But the real reason I'm writing this post is because, having made my games available again, it is or seems clear that either OUYA is going out of business, or I'm not getting very good information.

Blaine Bananatree has about 30 downloads, 9 ratings (one or two of which are 1 star) and two people have bought it -----

----- and it's ranked 86 on the O-Rank as I write this.


I mean, this, compared to past games I've released, this is a complete dearth of gaming activity on this game, yet this game has achieved the highest rank any of my games have ever achieved!

With the least success I achieved the best rank.

That means OUYA is having little to no business and is going out of style fast. OR

OR it means I'm just not being told the complete or actual truth.

It seems most likely that OUYA is running out of customers.

But my hopeful mind would want to sell hundreds or thousands of games.

And my paranoid mind would wonder where all the money is going if it's not being reported to me.

Would OUYA lie to me about my downloads and sales? Either they're lying to me and aren't telling me the actual good news in my reports,

or business is so bad that a game with less than 50 copies distributed and only 2 copies purchased and with 1 or 2 one star ratings out of 9 ratings has achieved 86/1135 on the O-Rank.

I would tell OUYAFORUM about this, but I don't want to visit there anymore after the negative press Air Defence received.

The one indication that should say OUYA is alive and well is all the people OUYA and Employees follow and are followed by on Twitter. Hmmmm.

Well, that's the whole point of this post:::: Either OUYA has run out of business and is therefore likely to completely run out of steam, or I'm just not being told how popular my game actually is.

No idea.

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