Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mood Swings

I must be suffering from mood swings, I'm a real psychological mess I guess.

Last week, when OUYA rejected my two updates, well, I was tired, busy, and going on vacation, so maybe I was a little abrasive by removing my games from the OUYA store for a few days.

But a problem was I wasn't quite sure how to fix Pfhonge, and I still don't know how to duplicate OUYA's problem with Blaine Bananatree except to say that maybe they are having a controller lag issue or something.

Anyway, I was in an emotional slump over this, combined with another 1 star review for my book, and yeah, I was feeling like a "loser" because I couldn't figure out the problems, got 1 star on Amazon, and wasn't totally sure if I really did a good job on Blaine Bananatree.

Blaine Bananatree does what I want it to do ---- but it's not exactly HALO or DESTINY.

or at least, my update does what I want it to do --- but OUYA rejected that.

Anyway, I was in a slump. Emotional or psychological pits.

But then came a mood swing.

Someone bought a game, I got a good rating, I figured out how to fix Pfhonge, and now I've had a positive mood swing into sheer joy and happiness.

I must be on disability welfare for some reason:::: These swings in emotion probably aren't right.

Feeling ultra low, then feeling pretty high.

Of course, there is environmental stimuli influencing these feelings, but the mood swing can be a problem if I'm being overly abrasive.

Basically, I was having some psychological problems, and I can only hope I didn't come off as too abrasive when I was in my low period.


I get people from numerous countries visiting this blog, whether it be because of videogames, a history of Mormonism, or a love of Avril Lavigne. Not sure where I'm going with this statement now.

Well, all you people who visit my blog::: there are a number of you in numerous countries. There. :)

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