Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mixed Messages from OUYA Community

I remember when someone on OUYA Forum reviewed my game Air Defence harshly and gave it a low rating, and I was shamed into giving the game away for free. Basically, it was considered a crime to charge a dollar up front for such a game.

(on a side note --- it turns out Air Defence is my cousin's favourite game of my OUYA games. Most people like the game --- the most negative feedback I ever saw was just that one reviewer, no one else was so negative about it)

Anyway, so I'm being shamed for charging a dollar up front for my game, and I am shamed into giving it away for free.

Well, yesterday one of the issues that the OUYA game update submission reviewer had with my game was that I charged $0.00 (free) for my Score Mode in Pfhonge.

Basically, OUYA Forum gave me a hard time for charging a dollar.   Now OUYA is giving me a hard time for giving away freebies.

I just can't win I guess. What am I supposed to charge?

Anyway, on a side note --- yesterday after I took down my games from OUYA, I was overcome by a great feeling of peace.   And then this morning I was feeling a great feeling of love.

Yeah --- somehow that's how my brain chemicals or spirit is reacting to this situation, just feeling peace and love, after some issues became present in my relationship with OUYA that seemed like problems.

Anyway, having written a book about my life, or anything from any book, I do wonder if any negative social interactions I have with people might result from someone not liking something I said.  No one has outright stated such to me, but I am paranoid about it.

Well, it's just sad that I face that kind of problem --- because all my life I've been putting up with evil siblings, evil kids at school, evil people at church, and when I write the book about it, I suddenly face more evil from people who don't like something. Very sad.  But, maybe that's just my paranoia.

Always something going wrong it seems.

In my locale, the firetrucks always seem to have to blare their sirens every day as they always seem to have to go rescue someone.

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