Thursday, July 16, 2015

Math/Numerology in my Head

OK, so I was just doing some numerology in my head regarding the deaths of L Tom Perry and Boyd K Packer.

In my original 2 letters to Avril Lavigne from several years ago discussing the death I was praying for - the death of Body K Packer, I was planning some numerology that involved the number 66 and was supposed to involve Christmas Day.

Well, GOD has evidently come up with a much more elaborate way of saying something than I originally thought of.

OK ---

So we know L Tom Perry died on May 30th 2015, or 5/30/2015 --- in a past blog post I show how his death can be numerically related to a D&C scripture that talks about printing books for the education of children, making me feel special about The Book of Finch.

And we know that Boyd K Packer died on July 3rd 2015, or 7/3/2015 --- my sister's birthday and the day before USA Independence Day. I also just looked at wikipedia and discovered he became president of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles on February 3rd 2008, 2/3/2008.

Well, at this moment I'm not aware of any more scriptures to be involved, but here are some interesting numerology number theories I developed while laying in bed thinking to myself:

5 30 2015
7 3 2015
= 23
2/3 = 0.666

5 30 2015
7 3 2015
7+5 3+0+3 2 0+1+5
12 6 2 6
12/2 6 6
6 6 6


I didn't even know about this before hand! I only just figured it out!!!

The most I had on my mind before hand was praying to God about 66 and Christmas Day a number of years ago, and I wrote about it to Avril Lavigne.

What GOD actually did is FAR MORE ELABORATE!!!!


So::: this either means that the LDS church is the church of the devil, or the devil killed the apostles.

I'm gonna think this means the LDS church is the church of the devil ---- but I know some LDS people will think of the latter aforementioned option or reason.



I was just poking through my old documents and found 3 letters I sent to Avril Lavigne regarding my prayers about the future death of Boyd K Packer. They are dated November 12th 2009, November 28th 2009 and December 30th (or January 6th) 2009/2010. The numbers indicate the specialness of the number "66", and Christmas Day. They also indicate my doubts that God would actually listen to my prayers:

But one thing can be clearly understood as I look at my old mail:: I must've been seriously disturbed or something. Perhaps, I went through so much crap in my life, such as my classmates trying to hypnotize me to do things that i really shouldn't, that I was just so messed up.

I will also note that I probably sent or send Avril too much mail. I actually sent so many other people so much more mail than I sent her, but even so it's probably a bad thing that I write so much. I write people I feel I am most familiar with. And I have a lot to talk about, and with my messed up life, I end up being a broken record that talks about the same things over and over again.

I felt comfortable with Avril because in her music she practically claimed to be in love with me --- I'm more like her Sk8er Boi than anyone else I've ever heard of. No one else I've ever heard of has laid claim to actual similarity in life experience as well as I have, as far as I know. Therefore, I felt really comfortable talking to Avril ---- but, unfortunately, maybe I was talking to her too much.

But anyway, I did discuss my prayers about Boyd K Packers death in late 2009, and the number 66 being involved.

Now look what has happened.

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