Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hard Earned Cash

I was feeling pretty pathetic about being on disability welfare, seeming to be unable to make any money besides the money I get from doing pretty much nothing.

But, I realized, that how I am unable to earn much cash by actually doing things is fueled by one or both of the following concepts:

1) The economy is in such bad trouble that most of these hundreds of people who look at my stuff can't pay the small 99 cent price I ask for.
2) I'm disabled, and my brain doesn't work, so therefore my work is likely to be pretty crappy, or in other words, I haven't done a very good job, no matter how hard I tried, and no one will pay me the smallest price for my efforts.

So, either no one has money to pay me with, or I'm just not worth even that small amount of cash, or a combination of both.

I'm thankful for my disability welfare, but I'm not as disabled now as I once was, and I feel pretty pathetic that I've been unable to earn much from my "best" effort.j

Well, I have to admit, througout the history of my life I did make a lot of mistakes, doesn't matter that I was the smartest kid at school for so long ---- I failed in a number of ways.

Some of my failures I couldn't help but fail at considering my circumstances, but for some things I wonder if I should have known better.

Life is so confusing.

But anyway, yeah, I've tried to get myself kicked off welfare - but for whatever reason people didn't want to pay me the smallest price for my efforts.

It's too bad.

Anyway, maybe people hate me --- with all my one star ratings and the failures of my life, it would be no wonder if people hated me --- but I can take peace in Luke 6:26, where I can know that it's actually a good thing that people say they hate my work.

People hate the truth, they hate my best effort, so on and so forth. Jesus says that's good for me.

So, either no one has money, or I really am disabled and therefore have earned my disability welfare.

OK then.

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