Saturday, July 4, 2015

Game Update hopefully coming and bemoaning again

So, I bought a MadCatz MOJO for my brother, to try my games on.

Air Defence works better on MOJO.
Doorless Darts works fine on MOJO.
Pfhonge is functional, but could use some fixes.
ICBM is not even available on the MOJO store, for any number of reasons I can think of I'm sure,

while Blaine Bananatree has some time clock counting issues that I need to fix on MOJO.

I put in an update for BB on Thursday night, but as of Friday OUYA still hadn't gotten back to me about it yet.

So, right now, BB is only available in the USA. As soon as I get that update out, I'll make it available worldwide again.

I'm switching from using counters, which are variable based on device clockspeed, to using timers, which are static time based time keepers.


Now I am going to bemoan how bad my creativity sucks.

I was trying to be creative with BB -- trying to do something new, something more or less different.

And apparently it sucks.

Of the over 200 people who have seen or watched my game trailer, only about 10% of those people, probably a bit less than 10%, of those people actually downloaded the game.

So, though I was trying to be creative and do something new ----- bananas just aren't very interesting.

I feel like such a crappy game developer now. I can tell that I'm not that great at developing games. I like my games for myself, but there are a lot of other people out there who are more picky than me.

So, yeah, I suck at game development.

Considering all the millions of people who live in the western world, and how I'm one in about ~1000 OUYA game devs out of those millions of people, that might make me a little somewhat special in that I'm even capable or willing to develop video games,

but, it looks like I just plain suck at developing them. I'm not very good at it.

Personally, I like my games for myself ---- but that doesn't stop the unavoidable couple of 1 star reviews my games will always seem to receive from somewhere.

Either I suck or my games suck or both. I guess I'm just not very good at what I try to do.

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