Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Funny Thoughts

So, a few days ago I posted a screenshot on facebook of a website I found that was offering illegal free downloads of my book "The Eagle's Sore", and this website claimed that the book had 630 downloads in just one week, and also gave the book a pretty decent rating (out of over 100 reviewers).

So, I told facebook that if I forgive these people who have stolen my book, then I will be set free myself - as goes Christian theology.

But then just now I had some funny thoughts about what "forgiveness" might be interpreted to entail.

You see, in Christianity, and anywhere in the world you'd generally think of, forgiving these people means I just let them go and have no worries about how they've wronged me. Just let them go, let them off the hook.

But my mormon upbringing is strong on my mind, and I realized to a Mormon that me forgiving these people means that I can justly prosecute them at the same time, meaning I can call the cops or a lawyer or whatever and get them for copyright infringement, and still forgive them, which means I have to forget they ever stole my book or else I'm going to be punished for a crime worse than theirs.

Yes ---- very funny thoughts about forgiveness as I have learned it from the mormons.

Basically, it's a book that deals with forgiveness, and the way the mormons taught me to forgive is to lock 'em up, throw away the key, and forget anything ever happened --- that's mormon forgiveness, and to me now it just seems like such nonsense.

So yeah, though I would like to be paid for my work, there's really not much I can do about people stealing my year's worth of creative thinking.


On another note, OUYA's recent rejection of my two game updates seemed so unreasonable to me that it reminded me of "Eagle Tech" from "The Eagle's Sore".

Here's a little spoiler and secret about the meaning of my book:::

When Eagle Tech reject's the dark elves' hard work and is really quite rude about it, the elves and the dwarf "forgive" eagle tech by invading their headquarters and stealing their treasury.

And then the Goddess' monks say Eagle Tech has to forgive the elves and the dwarf or face vengeance.

Now:::: In case you were wondering, one point of the book was just to illustrate how BS of a situation that is ------ Eagle Tech might've done something wrong, but to retaliate and steal their gold was NOT forgiveness, so it doesn't make sense how the Goddess' monks are forcing a forgiveness of unforgiving behaviour.

Basically, this book just illustrates some big problems I see or have experienced with stated Mormon doctrine, and in this case it's namely forgiving an unforgiver and then threatening to destroy the unforgiven if they don't forgive the unforgiver, even though it's the unforgiver who is supposed to face the greater condemnation.

And yes, I didn't clearly state that in the book::: it was just supposed to be 'meant to be understood'.

So, the one thing I'm gong to do for the time being about OUYA giving bad or frivolous or false reasons for rejecting my updates is removing my games from publication.  Seeing as how the expectation is on me to forgive, I should or would actually NOT mimic the dwarf and elves in my book and pay them a visit.

Basically, my book, "The Eagle's Sore", illustrates some complete bullcrap, and it's supposed to be understood to be complete bullcrap, and I did not intend for it to be repeated or mimicked.

There you go.

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