Friday, July 17, 2015


So, I improved my update to Pfhonge to make it work the best I think I can make it work - and submitted it to OUYA,

and today I got an email back from them saying they're rejecting it because the purchase dialogue doesn't come up when they press U or Y.

So, I had a look at my game again. Nothing about the purchase code changed between versions, and I actually am using OUYA's own suggested code ---- and nothing is wrong as far as I've found.

My program works, as near as I can see, and if there is a problem I'd say it's with OUYA's code or with their server --- but I have never seen the problem they stated.

So, I have been given yet another bogus reason for why my game update has been rejected.

The game update is supposed to improve experience on the MOJO --- maybe Razer (OUYA's new owner) doesn't like MOJO? Or maybe not?

I might have some mentalistic ability, but it's beyond me to exactly say why OUYA has rejected my two updates for essentially bogus reasons.

It does, however, remind me of my book "The Eagle's Sore".

I just want to remind everyone that The Eagle's Sore was actually a depiction of complete bullcrap and wasn't meant to be imitated or mimicked. The book really does just describe complete crap actually. Any basis in actual reality? Yes --- but it is heavily fictional as well.

Anyway, talking about The Eagle's Sore, there's another disappointment I can talk about::::

A week or two ago I found a website where people were illegally ripping off The Eagle's Sore. They said in one week they had 630 downloads of the book.

If that claim -630 downloads in a week- is the truth I am amazed at how much interest people have taken in my work - yet also amazed that people are or seem seriously unable or unwilling to pay the ~$0.99 Amazon Kindle price I ask for ---- or the ~$10 paperback price.

I mean, all these hundreds of people want my book, but none of them can actually pay for an actual copy? Wow -- the economy really must be in the pits if this is how it is.

I extrapolated 630 downloads in one week over 52 weeks and then calculated how much I'd have made if they honestly paid for the kindle ebook. It's a lot of money. I would've appreciated being actually paid, as well as I'm sure the government would have appreciated the subsequent clawback on my AiSH benefit.

Well, the other day Amazon sent me an email saying I could try a giveaway --- where some lucky people will get a free copy of my book.

So, I decided to give away 10 copies of the eagle's sore.

I got 335 respondants. 10 free books given away. And I paid for it.

Basically, it might be too soon to know if any of these 335 people actually decided to purchase my book if they didn't win one the 10 freebies, but it's amazing how people will come to take a freebie in droves ----- and I also already know from experience that even though they'd take the book in droves if offered for free, that they are completely unlikely to be bothered to pay the smallest price for it.

But I hope I'm wrong, we'll see what the reports say.

So yeah, life's a bit disappointing from time to time I guess. I think I'm handling it pretty well right now, just calmly talking about it on my blog.

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