Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blaine Bananatree is now LIVE at midnight Canada Day

A few hours ago I received my email from OUYA telling me that my newest game "Blaine Bananatree" has been approved for distribution on the OUYA store.

I couldn't help myself, what with Canada Day being the next day.

My dad also tells me that June 30th was supposed to be ONE SECOND longer than most days, that the day was a leap second day.

So, the video I recorded of an online clock showing the time, and me publishing the game, didn't show the leap second, unfortunately, but if the leap second occurred normally right at the end of the day in Mountain Time then I just so happened to have published my game ON THE LEAP SECOND, and if it wasn't the leap second then it was the very first moment, first second, of Canada Day.

I took a screen video of this to prove it. Maybe i'll post it on youtube sometime.

Anyway, so, I've accomplished something by releasing a banana game on Canada Day -- the Canada day of the year where we canadians are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Flag.


So, just an extra special moment for my new game.

ICBM was released on Xbox One Day One.

Doorless Darts was released as the 5th OUYA game of the year on January 5th 2015 at about 5pm. Yay.

I'm kinda like a guy who does this sort of thing I guess.

But yeah ---- if there is a legitimate leap second at the end of June 30th Mountain Time - I just so happen to have released Blaine Bananatree at that leap second.

If anything, I released it the very first moment of Canada Day.

Yay me.

Bah-nah-nah game on Cah-nah-dah day. Yippee.


Blaine Bananatree is the 1131st game on OUYA.

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