Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bad Fame

If it wasn't for Avril Lavigne's bit of psychotherapy in my life, I might've never tried to be famous in any way shape or form.

Isn't it amazing how I tried to tell the true story of my life as I saw it, and all I get are people hating on me because they don't like the actual truth or whatever their problems are?

I just told the truth. That is the truth as I see it, explained best I can.

And people just hate it. I guess that one movie had insight when it said "You can't handle the truth!" Can't remember the name of the movie though.

So, maybe it was a mistake to try and publish things. I tell the truth, and people hate it.

The latest review for The Book of Finch says it's not a Christian book - that it's a Mormon book, that the priests and prophets are false.

1) It's a book about Mormonism, but it's not exactly pro-mormon in nature.
2) It should be seen as a conversion to actual christianity.
3) I'm kind of confused about if the writer of the review even read the book - there was no amazon verified purchase tag on the review.

So, though my book is a book about my experiences with Mormonism ---- that somehow makes it non-christian, even though it doesn't exactly look kindly upon the Mormons.

I get the idea that maybe there's just someone out there who doesn't want people to read the truth of my book --- they want to keep what I wrote hidden and un-read.

So, I guess I can't write a book about my experience growing up with Mormonism without being accused of being not-christian.

If the reviewer actually read the book, they'd see I've probably converted to some form of actual christianity by now.

OH well, there is no cure for stupid.

And all these one star reviews invariably mean that people aren't going to read my book. How disappointing --- I thought it would be good if the truth were known. People don't like the truth I guess.


As for being an OUYA dev, OUYA still hasn't responded to me about the issues I see with their review of my game.

I like the OUYA, and I like developing for the OUYA ---- but blaming controller lag issues on my game programming doesn't exactly impress me to want to continue.

OUYA said Blaine Bananatree's main camera was spinning uncontrollably, and essentially told me to fix that.

Well, that's never been a problem in that game on my end, and therefore it's probably not my programming doing it ---- but I can and do suspect it's a controller lag issue with their hardware.

Well, if they want me to fix an issue with their hardware, that's so senseless that I'm not inclined to continue OUYA-ing.

I do kind of wish to continue with OUYA ---- but blaming me for their controller lag (as I have understood the issue) is so dumb that I wouldn't really want to be around that.

Sorry if this reflects negatively on OUYA, but this is the truth of the situation, and maybe people just don't like the truth.

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