Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Apostle Dies

So, just over a month after the death of LDS Apostle L Tom Perry on May 30th 2015, apparently President Boyd K Packer, the president of the Apostles, died (on July 3rd 2015).

I only just found out. Not even my mom told me, though she knew.


Did I ever pray for him to die? Yes. Avril Lavigne got a letter about that once, where I said I was praying for him to die, but then I stopped.

I prayed for him to die on Christmas Day.

Something different has obviously happened ---- he died the day before USA Independence Day, which is also my sister's birthday (and if any tally from my childhood counts, my FAVOURITE sister's birthday).

OK then.

So every single apostle I have ever individually prayed for to die is now dead. Every one I individually named in my prayers to God as someone I wanted to die has now died. And then there are a couple more on top of that which I didn't pray for.

PLEASE NOTE::: At the time I was in a state of madness over how the church claimed to be the one truth, yet it obviously wasn't so truthful, and I didn't like that. I was upset, I would say, when I said those prayers.

I'm actually kind of feeling sad about this. In the past few months I've been feeling remorseful about my classmates hypnotizing me to do things I shouldn't, and I've been sad about all the people who have died in my story. And then this happens.

I wasn't continually actively praying for him to die, and if God did exactly follow my prayer it wouldn't have been July 3rd.

So:::: is there a greater intelligence behind the deaths of these two recently deceased apostles?

Is it God, or is it the Devil? What force is dropping these men?

I try to pray to God, so from my perspective if I prayed to God for him to die, then it was probably God that killed him.

But if the God of the Mormons is actually the Devil, then who knows what is going on.

So, L Tom Perry died in date numerology coincidence with an LDS scripture that talks about printing books.

A bit over a month later, Boyd K Packer dies on my sister's birthday, the day before Independence Day.

I am kind of saddened by this. I don't believe in Mormonism anymore, but I think I managed to reach a part where I stopped wanting to cause trouble for these poor people --- and then this happens.


It's a good thing I called my game "Blaine Bananatree" instead of Boyd, calling him Boyd would not have been good here.

Yeah, it is a little sad to hear this happen. What intelligent force could it have been? Was it just a coincidence?

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