Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Am I a BAD Developer??

I'm obviously not that much of a professional developer because I didn't finish my university computer science courses,

and it is good or at least something that I am even developing::: Almost anybody COULD develop for OUYA, but I am one of the few ~1000 who actually have, and I have 5 games on the system to boot.

I'm glad and thankful that I have some development know-how and I can do SOMETHING-----

But I am not much of a professional developer. I keep making mistakes. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

It's absolutely pathetic how many mistakes I've made over my time developing videogames for OUYA. Just pitiful.

Like, Yesterday I got all happy and proud of myself because I managed to make a fix for Pfhonge on OUYA. Great. It worked. Or seemed to work.

But when I later tested this fix again today as I sat down to try and play some Pfhonge with my Dad - I discovered that the fix worked ONLY PART OF THE TIME!!!!

Accck!!!  A fix that fixes only half the time?? What did I do wrong?????

So, I've fixed up my game again and now, upon re-testing the even newer version --- NOW it FINALLY seems to work right. Fingers Crossed.

I've felt pathetic about how much I send my favourite people email or messages or whatever. I even write on my blog a bit too much perhaps.

But now I'm feeling a bit "too ready" to submit updates to OUYA.

The QA team at OUYA probably has a lot of work to do sorting through all the new games and updates, and it's absolutely pathetic how, with my 5 games and the updates, how often I've been submitting updates. A sign that I might be a bad programmer. And socially inept.

Luckily, I don't think the QA team even got to reviewing 2.0.10 today, which is good because now I'm up to 2.0.11. I feel kinda sad that my original submissions aren't good enough even in my own eyes and I'm having to make updates myself. Yikes.

I mean, for how long now has Pfhonge been on MOJO and always had these horrible problems? I didn't even get a MOJO for the longest time -- I just assumed the game would work as well as on OUYA. I was wrong.

But the reason I didn't have a MOJO wasn't because I was lazy -- or maybe it was sort of --- it was because I've been in debt and trying to pay off that debt and couldn't quite afford a MOJO.

In the past months I finally managed to completely clear my debt, so I finally bought a MOJO after I developed Blaine Bananatree.

I should have bought the MOJO before submitting Blaine Bananatree. Oops.

Another little thing to note is I think OUYA might be poking some fun at me for my mistake in the "How to play" screen of Blaine Bananatree.

I originally said that "LS is look and RS is move." They then told me I was wrong. I then blamed my mistake on dyslexia and fixed the problem.

I've been wondering if there has been some "fun poked" at me about this. I think there might've been. But it's understandable, although I do know when I wrote my instructions it is true my brain wasn't working at full capacity.

Maybe a brain that doesn't work at full capacity is why I might be such a bad programmer.

My brain has a bad habit of doing that ---- Last night I wanted to read a book or a magazine, but commented on Twitter that my brain turned off and I was not having the attention span to read.

Maybe my brain really doesn't work properly. Too bad for me.

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