Monday, July 27, 2015

A Rather Interesting Dream Last Night

Well, I often ask God what he wants me to do with my life, and usually he has nothing to tell me but last night I had an "interesting" dream.

I dreamt last night that I became a woman --- I dreamt that I got a sex-change.

And when I woke up in the morning, a scripture or statement by Jesus was clear on my mind: "If thine eye offend thee, then pluck it out." Matthew 18:9

You can read Matthew 18:7-14 about that one.

That was an eye opener - usually the religious community as I've seen it is very against such changes to the body, but this dream went full-charge into sex change and I woke up in the morning with a quote from Jesus on my mind.

Actually, to be truthful, in the past I have considered becoming a Eunuch, or getting castrated, but my parents weren't supportive of that idea. But I have thought about it lots. Not quite sure I want a "full change" though.

Yes, it is interesting to note that I'm not allowed to masturbate in mormonism, I'm not allowed to marry a girl who likes me either apparently, and when I talk to my parents about getting my testicles removed (to stop the masturbation) that's apparently not allowed either.

No idea.

Anyway, in the dream, for some reason, there was a person who said to me "Do you want to learn white magic or black magic?"

In the dream I selected white magic, and then I was taught two supposed sorts of "spells".

Not sure why that was in a dream about getting a sex change, except that someone out there might think this dream were from the devil.

I don't know.

But, it did seem to have some scriptural basis in a quote from Jesus.

Although, the scripture in Mark where Jesus says the same thing:: apparently Joseph Smith changed that scripture. But he didn't touch matthew.

Well, I hope I'm not offending anyone I shouldn't be by writing this.

I'm just stating a fact of what I just experienced in my sleep and waking up:::: I slept with a dream about getting a sex-change, and I woke up with a quote from Jesus that says you can make surgery on your body to make yourself less offensive.

And something in the dream about magic. So::: Was that really what GOD wanted to tell me? :)

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