Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Now it's obvious something really isn't right with my reports

Well, Amazon has let me in on a little secret this morning:::: sales reports can be total bollocks.

I logged in to my Amazon KDP to see what kind of sales I've been getting.

Note::: for a very long time, no one has actually ever paid me for a book. They only take freebies. And the last two paid sales I had both got refunded to the same day (the first paid sale was LTW and the 2nd was Aftermath --- I think someone just didn't want me to have my money).

Anyway, according to the following screenshots I took just within moments of each other this morning, one screenshot reports 3 free downloads in the month of June, while the other screenshot reports 4 free downloads in the USA in June.

Both these reports can't be true because 3 != 4, either it was 3 or 4, can't be both at the same time. There's something wrong with the reporting, according to what Amazon just told me in these reports:

Obviously, you'd think I'd want to get paid for my work. It's sad for me that someone can't be entirely trusted, whichever source of information is wrong.

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