Friday, June 26, 2015

My Attempt at Being Creative

So, I haven't said anything on my blog for a while::: what have I done??

I looked at my most recent blog posts, and realized that these posts bemoan my lack of creative talent.

Well, in the past days I've tried to overcome that problem. I made a new video game.

My sister says that in her opinion, this new video game is my best video game yet.

It's also the most original ---- neither me nor my sister have ever seen any other video game like the one I submitted to OUYA last night.

Of course, this video game might remind you of something else in some other way, but the game itself is unique --- both I and my sister have never seen anyone come up with a game quite like the one I've made.

So now I can stop bemoaning my lack of creativity, hopefully. We'll see if anyone likes it --- as soon as OUYA gets back to me about getting it approved and published.

So ---- I was complaining about my own inability to do anything truly creative ---

but now I've done something at least somewhat creative --- it is totally unique, in that me nor my sister have ever seen anything like it before.

We'll just see if people like it and if it's considered to be 'fun'.

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