Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lying to Children

So, today my Dad and I were out together, we were taking my niece to school.

My dad stopped at a store and went in for a while, while I was left in the vehicle with my niece.

My niece asked me: "Uncle Kristian: why don't you go to church?"

What what I supposed to say? I told her the truth: "Uncle Kristian doesn't believe in the church anymore: the church says they're the truth, but Uncle Kristian knows they lied. They lied to Uncle Kristian".

That is the short version of the conversation. Basically, I told told my niece that LDS Mormonism wasn't actually true, regardless of how much they say it's the "one truth". I also told her that she's probably too young to understand all the information, and that I did agree that there were some good things about Mormonism.

My dad came back to the vehicle. We drove to her school and dropped her off.

When my Dad and I were alone I told him that my niece had asked me why I don't attend church, and that I told her it's because I now know the church isn't actually true, that it's a lie.

My Dad didn't like that.

My Dad was expecting me to just tell her that I had bad experiences in the church and that's why I don't attend --- not to completely outright deny the faith.

Well, personally, I think my sister isn't doing my niece a service or any good by propagating a myth and delusion, essentially telling her untruths about life the universe and everything.

In my own personal life, I KNOW that being brought up in Mormonism and constantly being told it was the One Truth didn't really do me any good in life, telling me to believe in it so much when it actually was completely false was completely wrong for me in my own personal experience of my life, so of course, I figured the morally right thing to do was to answer my niece's question with the actual truth: that I know the church isn't really true - that the church is actually a lie.

Anyway, my Dad explained to me, as he has done on many occasions, that he doesn't even know or understand what the meaning of the word "true" or "truth" is. My dad, going all these years in Mormonism, being told the LDS church was the one truth, has apparently never actually known the actual definition of "true" or "truth".

I've tried to explain to him that "true" is based on reality, based on fact, not fiction, that it's not something someone just made up, even in their own imagination. I've tried explaining that to my father, but he apparently doesn't understand.

It's also true that, as I've seen it, my dad has never really understood how to define the word "forgive" or "forgiveness" either. But that's a different topic.

So yeah, my Dad is expecting me to knowingly lie to innocent children.

My Dad tells me she's supposed to grow up believing in mormonism, but that she's supposed to find out the actual truth for herself when she becomes a teen or adult.

Well, I don't agree with deliberately lying in most situations, and seeing as how she asked me why I don't attend church, I didn't want to lie and I think it's perfectly OK for her to find out the actual truth before she gets baptized.

My dad tells me if her parents find out it could mean real trouble -----

But seriously, when I got baptized I had NOBODY telling me the opposing viewpoint against mormonism, and that didn't do me any good I think, I would have wanted to know the actual truth at that age.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So I told her the truth.

Isn't it amazing how this, the "one true church" is an organization where you actually get in trouble for telling the truth? So very sad.

So yeah, my dad wasn't expecting me or wanting me to tell her the actual truth, even though she asked me and I don't believe in lying.

But seriously, maybe that's what the word "mormon" refers to, when you are like my dad and don't know how to properly define little words like "truth", "true" or "forgive". That's why you are called a "mormon". But my dad doesn't even understand that much.

So sad for me.

My dad thinks propagating the myth, no matter how much I can provably explain to him how it's wrong, he thinks propagating the myth, that deliberately lying to children is correct and that you are only supposed to let them find the actual truth when they get older.

I know that being told this church is the one truth and making me believe in it so delusionally didn't help me personally in life, so I don't agree with doing that to the children I have contact with.

And if you're an adult and you really do believe in Mormonism, then there really might be an issue that has to be dealt with (in your head or brain or psyche).

So yeah, apparently I'm expected to deliberately lie to the children, but I go against that on personal principle and integrity.

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