Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm too impatient and something good

So, when I originally reported that the best dictionaries amazon marketplace store had a drop of 2 in stock for Letters to Whomever, I wondered when or if I would ever see the sales in my reports.

Well, I think I was just too impatient.

No, the sales haven't shown up yet - if they exist - but seeing a sign of a sale and then immediately questioning if it will appear on my sales report is actually not something good about me. I should have been more patient. I should have been more optimistic.

Of course, that doesn't change how there's a dearth of book income and how I remember once AuthorHouse didn't report a sale to me that I had bought from myself, so there could be some justified paranoia about sales reports.

But, I'm a bit impatient.


And now for something good about the Mormons.

I'm going to try to fend off my great negativity towards these people because they aren't all bad. I don't believe in them anymore, and they aren't as great as they claim themselves to be,

but I have to admit that they do try to raise people to make good choices and to even learn to read.

Basically, there is a certain educational value to the Mormon church which is actually wonderful. I'm sure that much about it did me good personally in my life.

Just trying to say something nice. But no, I don't really believe in it anymore. Although, I don't deny experiencing apparently miraculous occurrences in or in relation to that church.


I guess I might as well bemoan my own personal lack of true creativity, my lack of artistic skill. It probably didn't help that I lost my mind, and it didn't help that I didn't complete university.

I just feel that I'm near the bottom of the heap of people who publish entertainment. I've got some ability, and to me myself in my own mind, I'm OK at it ----- but I don't match up nearly closely enough with all the "better" artists or creative minds out there. Just being a bit humble.

But, I guess I can still feel happy and blessed that I am capable of doing anything at all. I know that I am capable of at least something, which is more than most of the human race, so I guess I'm OK then.

I just wish I was smarter, better, or more talented.  :)

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