Friday, June 12, 2015

I made a mistake

I just took down a pretty useless news story I put on my blog:

1) I said my brother had relayed some incorrect information to me a while back and that a youtube video had contradicted him.

I just looked up this information on line in a quick google search and found that my brother was actually CORRECT and TRUTHFUL in what he said.

Maybe I just misinterpreted the youtube video or maybe the relatively new youtube video was giving old information pre-this-event-occuring.

2) I was praising how great socialism could be on the blog post I just deleted, but today on Facebook someone posted something else that could be useful information that might negate "too-much-socialism" if followed properly, MAYBE.

This Facebook post wasn't necessarily the absolute gospel truth either, but I just thought that it made a point when it said redistribution of the wealth wasn't necessarily the best answer in all cases, because there are some personal habits people need to develop or learn before they should or would really become wealthy.

But I do still kind of think it makes sense to help the poor, because sometimes people are too poor through no fault of their own (like when I was growing up - it wasn't my fault my dad didn't have a job, I don't think so at least).

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