Monday, June 1, 2015

I just found out that L Tom Perry died.

So: I just found the report that says Elder L Tom Perry of the LDS Quorum of Twelve Apostles died on May 30th 2015, last Saturday.

What are my comments, if anyone cares to know?

1) In the past week I did have an idea that I could pray a special prayer to get rid of an apostle for something like 5/25/2015, because:

5+2 5+2 0+1+5

yes ---- I had the thought that I could pray for that, but I didn't.

And with how Youtube started recommending videos to me about murder and horrible crimes, I couldn't help but wonder if something had happened, and yes I had some idea that I should check and see if anything happened ---- but I didn't, I've had false premonitions before.

Basically:::::: NO, I did NOT PRAY for this man to die. I did have thoughts about something possibly happening, but I didn't really listen to them or pay them much attention.

So, any funny number codes can I derive from this one?

5/30/2015 ------ 5 3+0+2  ---------- 55.

OK, so the number 5, 2+3, is evident.

30 and 20 are also here, so there's a two and a three.

You could look up D&C 55, but I'm not sure where the 15 fits in here ---- the section is only 6 verses long ---- verse 6 probably isn't it because it's not relevant to much I think.  Verses 1-5 are all kind of interesting.

The only one that sticks out to have any meaning to me is verse 4,  which might be 5-1 = 4, although that is a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, D&C 55:4 is about PRINTING BOOKS.  Wow.  Books for educating children.

Nope, I don't think I thought of this one before hand. I really didn't. I remember having an idea that I could pray for something to happen, but my numbers were different, and I decided against it anyway.

So uh yeah -------- Let it be noted that Youtube has been recommending 'scary' videos to me about aliens, murder, crime, suicide, curses, all the scary stuff you really don't want to hear about ------- and as such I did wonder if someone died and I'm being blamed.

Did I pray for this? No.  If I were to have prayed for an apostle to die, it wouldn't have been L Tom Perry. And though I did have thoughts on the matter in the past while because of my own funny numbers I thought of, I decided not to pray for it. And these are numbers I didn't make up before hand,,,,,,,

And it's just interesting that the closest D&C Section 55 scripture I can see that might have any relevance is D&C 55:4, which says something about PRINTING BOOKS for educational purposes.

Actually, that's amazing.  I mean, there does appear to be some kind of magic or intelligent force in LDS Mormonism, but I am so amazed that it would so blatantly drop another apostle just to, so it seems, prop up my book, a book about related issues.

No idea.

Yes ---- I am a little confused, I've been finished with Mormonism for a while now and though I now have a hard time believing in it anymore, I have wondered what kind of intelligence caused those miracles, or the patriarch to give good guesses about my then-immediate future.

OK ---- so there is intelligent mystical force in mormonism I think, I just don't care to bother with the church anymore. I really can't be bothered anymore.

Nice to know the God of the Mormons (or whatever this was) appears to have created a message that might be interpreted to tell people to read or print my book.

Actually, on the evening of May 30th I bought a copy of National Geographic for $6 on my iPad to read ----- and the next day I thought it was amazing that I could spend $6 on an ebook so easily, while so many people will only take my work for free and can't be bothered to pay the smallest price.

Maybe Jesus is just being fair and saying the church should have paid me for my work instead of completely ignoring everything I've said, or at least only taking freebies but no payment.

Anyway, yeah, I guess "God" is upset that people haven't honestly paid me for my book, and maybe that's why this apostle died in concert with magical numbers that when matched with D&C 55 says books need to be printed for educational purposes.

Just amazes me how much people can't be bothered to pay me a cent.  This church claims to want to help the poor, and though I am on welfare and will never be able to afford my own house or a vehicle to drive, the church's millions of members can't be bothered to offer me a dollar each.

Anyway. Whatever.


I just want to note that in the past week I also had thoughts about meeting up with Jesus again, wanting to talk to him.

When I was at the psychiatric clinic on May 27th, in the psychiatric hospital I saw a man who I thought resembled Jesus Christ, except he looked a bit too young.

Yes -------- Either the guards at the hospital were having me on and they had some guy who looked remarkably similar in appearance to Jesus Christ at the psychiatric hospital, or somehow Jesus is pulling his magic tricks and appeared to me. And I noticed. For a moment.

No idea. Either reality is every interesting, or Jesus makes reality different for me personally.

Basically:::: At the psychiatric clinic on May 27th when I was in the waiting room I did see an old white bearded man who might think looks like "God" in accordance to some artists' rendition, but I thought nothing of it, thinking it was just a coincidence.

And then I also saw, momentarily, a man who looked like Jesus Christ in the psychiatric clinic.

The man who looked like Jesus Christ was actually being wheeled in a wheelchair through the clinic and being guarded by security personnel ----- as if he were a dangerously insane person, although the outpatient clinic is a strange place for a dangerous person under guarded supervision to appear, especially since they appeared to be taking him away from the nearby Cancer Treatment Centre.

Anyway, yeah------ I recognized the man looked like Jesus, but also thought the Guards might be playing a joke on me.

But it's also true that there is absolutely 0 reason I can think of why they would have a dangerous-wheel-chair-bound-Jesus-Christ-lookalike in the outpatient clinic, if he were dangerous, as was indicated by the way guards were guarding him seated in a wheelchair, he would have been in a lock-up unit ---- not the outpatient unit.

Anyway. No idea.  Yes, I had thoughts about praying for a death which I completely ignored, yes i had thoughts about meeting Jesus Christ again, and yes I saw someone at my psychiatric clinic who looked hilariously similar in appearance to Jesus Christ ---- but I thought it was a joke by security.

So yeah:::: The Jesus I saw just days before this Apostle died was being treated like a dangerous crazy person and was under the watchful eye of at least a couple security guards.

And then an LDS apostle died. Ok.  And the secret message appears to be about "printing books".

If only people took more interest in my writing, and even maybe paid me for what I've done, so maybe I can move on in life.

I'm easily willing to spend $6 on a National Geographic magazine on my iPad, but most people, the vast majority, won't even spend 99 cents on any of my work. So much for Elder Holland's address saying the church should help the poor.

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