Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Email from Women

OK, so for at least the past few weeks I've been getting like, daily, email from people who claim to be women who want to talk to me.

They are using some sort of flirting or dating website in order to send their messages to me, and for various reasons I'm really not inclined to sign up for this site - at least at this point, yet.

The site, which I've hardly looked at - appears to be like a "hooking up" site, if you know what I mean.

Well, to be honest, now that I'm 30 years old, women are a lot less interesting to me. Though there is the odd occasion where I wish I could have a girlfriend or wife or whathaveyou, most of the time I'm perfectly content to be single.

It's kind of hard for me to get dating when I don't feel I'm rich enough to date or do anything of the like - especially when I can't even afford to drive my own vehicle.

As for affording things, I think it's pretty clear from looking at various pages online that I AM SELLING BOOKS ---- either I'm selling books or there's a great deal of dishonesty out there, or people rip me off or people always get refunds ------ because I am pretty sure I do sell books, but I don't see the sales reports. I emailed Lulu about that today. Who knows what will happen there.

So, yeah, I'm kind of flattered that there'd be all these women wanting to chat with me, but I'm not about to do it through such a website as of yet - or at all. And even if I did chat --- I'd be completely unlikely to actually date or do anything beyond email with an individual.


The interesting thing to note about all or a lot of these emails of women who want to contact me is that these emails are being sent to an OLD email address I practically don't use anymore.

There are really only two contacts I had with that email address I can think of who would write to it, and one of them isn't likely to send a bunch of women my way.

I talked to the ballerina girl a long time ago with that address. But she and I don't talk no more, and I don't think she'd be trying to hook me up like this either.

Of course, that's also the email address I used to join the Avril Lavigne fan club originally. That seems like a possibility that it might be Avril or her fans or something.

The last possibility is that, since this email address doesn't resemble my own actual name, is that someone else has handed out that address either by error or deliberate.

But at this point as I see it, I think it's MOST LIKELY that it's actually something to do with Avril Lavigne's fan club, all wanting to talk to me and flirt with me or something. I think. maybe. It's the most likely explanation.

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