Monday, May 4, 2015

Voting Strategy

Not that my analysis means too much, as I'm only just trying to recover from mental illness, but:

I'm trying to figure out a voting strategy.  You know how governments have their little checks and balances like in the american governmental system?

I'm not claiming total loyalty to any one political party. To me, they may all have valid viewpoints.

My dad recently rescinded his ban on me voting Liberal. Amazing ---- his negative attitude towards Liberals still runs strong, but me and my sister find his negative attitude "off-turning" and in some discussion he basically said I can now vote for whoever I want. :)

So, in a system of checks and balances where I live, well, I probably shouldn't explain any specifics right now here ----- but I'm thinking, basically, that the provincial party shouldn't necessarily equal the federal party, whichever way it goes ----- and I'm now happy that my dad lets me have Liberal as an option.

Maybe I will reveal some of what I'm thinking::::

If a conservative party wins in Alberta, then federally I'd be choosing between Liberals and NDP.

If the NDP wins in Alberta, then I'd be choosing between Conservatives and Liberals federally.

That's the simple of it ---- we'll have to let more time pass before I can develop this idea.

I'd be hypocritical to say I didn't like Trudeau's plan to help the poorer people ------ but I am now countered by my Dad's rhetoric that if you don't tax the rich too much, then you might have rich people in your country, and that might help the economy.

Maybe I'm just not the smartest to figure this stuff out.


But yes ---- My dad's historic constant negativity towards whoever, including Liberals --- kind of turns my family off.

Like, when I complain about my experiences with Mormons, that turns my dad off.

Growing up, when my dad complained about Liberals and neighbours, that really turned me off. A lot.

Basically, I think there's something to be said for saying nice things, being positive, and lowering negativity levels.

One of the big problems my family had as we were growing up was just an almost incessant stream of complaining and bad attitude from my father. It kind of drove my mom and the kids nuts. Constantly having to remind him "please be positive".  Yeah, it's kind of sad.


Sometimes in email I get those strange emails --- um ---- I don't know how much I should discuss on this topic ----- but if there were all kinds of women in my local area that wanted to mate with me ---- would that really be a good thing?

You see, I may have been the top of the class growing up in school for most of my life ----- but if genetics have any say over how your kid turns out ------- I do get points for being typically intelligent -------- but with my family as a whole you've got a 50% chance of giving birth to a less-than-desireable child.

For a long time I've been telling myself I'm too mentally ill to reproduce, for various reasons whether it be the truth or if it be extrapolation of caricature.

But, if there really are a bunch of women who "like" me, I look at my family and wonder if it's not the best idea to spread my family's kind of crazy around too much.

Just had to say that. My junk email folder gets enough of this stuff about women potentially mating with me. And, of course, that could all be spam as well, so whatever, I can easily just ignore it. :)


EDIT: May 5th 2015
I just want to say that Manitoba thinks kind of like me on this issue::: Manitoba's Legislature is a Majority NDP government, while 11 out of 14 Manitoba Members of Parliament are Conservatives, with 1 Liberal and 2 NDP.

This only makes sense. Localized Socialism, while trying to breed a certain amount of economic prosperity for the richer people with the feds. Only makes sense.

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