Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Showing Off

Hey Guys

This is just a little post to show this screenshot of me playing my Alphanumeric Pick 3 computer game I wrote for myself recently.

A day or two or three ago I fixed some bugs in the calculation of the odds, so now I think It's working right.

In this screenshot, we can see a couple of the 1/3's I got, in order and out of order ---- I started this testing session getting 1:12 right off the bat, and got 1:12's and 1:36's every second or third guess.

But the last guess is the real gem of this screen shot, I guessed 399, and the computers original numbers were 9I3, so I achieved 1:216 odds.

Yeah. Just gloating.

I think last night or whenever I could think of things I might want to say on my blog, but I can't remember anymore, so I'll just leave it where it is with this post of gloating. :)

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