Saturday, May 16, 2015

On OUYA's Purpose for Developers

Personally, I was hoping I could write an OUYA game and sell enough copies, get paid, and then pay off my credit card debt and get rich.

But, like selling books, I've found that it's actually incredibly difficult to actually make or get sales in OUYA. People are just ultra-stingy.

I read somewhere, probably on, that the purpose of OUYA for developers was to get poorer or less known developers published on a console platform so they could maybe make the jump to PS4 or Xbox or whatever.

Personally, what I found is that if I wasn't gonna make money selling my own games, one thing I could have done, if I had taken the opportunity, was get a job.

Being published on OUYA actually attracted certain entities to offer me jobs. It was all very cool and flattering, but for various reasons I didn't take any offers.

I mean, it's clear that the big corporations were aware of me::: I got as far as being asked to beta test triple-A titles and being offered jobs.

Anyway, here's where I either failed or slipped up or, in other words, just didn't follow through on what was asked of me:::::::

1) There are any number of reasons why they stopped asking me to beta test, but to me it was difficult to beta test all the time because, well, I spent a lot of my time living my life in other ways. I just didn't want to sit at my computer or console and game all the time. I am probably just a casual gamer at this point in my life (which is another reason why I love the OUYA).

2) I didn't accept job offers because I'm comfortable where I am and lifestyle change might be too drastically outside my comfort zone ------ and if I did accept the job, I would hate to fail, and knowing that I don't have a full education or skill set really raises the possibility of failure, here's why:::

a) I have never learned to drive a car. I can't even afford to pay insurance on a car. Anyway, I grew up sooooo poor that I never really got an opportunity to learn to drive and I could never just transport myself places ----- having the inability to transport myself safely and quickly really doesn't help me. If I had obligations to a company or corporation ---- I just might want to have a good mode of transportation available to me in order to achieve whatever I'm trying to do.

b) I didn't even finish my computer science degree in university. Heck, I didn't even get past the first year. For various reasons, including mental health problems, I neglected to get a full education. I know it would probably be a very good idea to be a  fully trained computer scientist before I try working for real money at an actual company. It's one thing for me to do my own project and publish it myself --- it's another thing to take a corporation's money as a wage and then not have the necessary skill set to actually do a  proper job.

You know how I sort and list the various countries from weakest to strongest in ICBM???  The ONLY reason I knew about how to do that is because in the one semester of CPSC I did take in university, I LEARNED about sorting.  It's things like that which I would want to pick up from actually going to school.

So, I didn't go to school, i didn't complete my education ---- but it is true that the big guys were interested in me --- what then?

So, like I said in an earlier post, I'm thinking that once I have the funds available that I'll go to the bookstore and buy books about trigonometry and calculus, and try to learn or re-learn these mathematics.

If my brain has recovered enough from the mental problems I've had ----- then maybe I might go back to school, I think. Maybe.

Anyway, in the end, getting the actual degree might take quite a bit of time, considering my mental health and how schedules go, so I wouldn't hold my breath to see me working at a real company developing video games.

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