Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Victory Speech

I'm winging this victory "speech", for a party that I had supported multiple times federally and provincially in the past. I'm just writing what I think right now, this isn't really a too thought out or prepared document.

So. Um. Yeah, with my "telepathy" research, I have, essentially just pulled a Kreskin this election.

OK ---- so Kreskin would predict the exact number of seats for the winning party, I didn't do that ------- but before I ever saw any polls for this election I had a dream that the NDP would win, and I told members of my family about my dream.

So, maybe I'm, in a way, mentally powerful ----- if people don't believe me here then I'm still earning my AiSH.

But yeah ------ it's kind of hard to live a real life without AiSH when my family suffers from big mental problems and my dad's always been unemployed for as long as I remember, so basically, a number of issues I see in my family just make me see my family has heavily impaired -------

well, a long ago my mom told me my dad is crazy. I believe her now. She doesn't keep reminding us that he's crazy, but to me it is clear that he has problems.

And it's very difficult to live in a family where people just don't think very well. So I earned my AiSH.

So yeah, for the first time my desire to go left, my leftist-voice, has finally been listened to.

So, what do I hope for?

Like Calgary's Mayor said ----- he expected, and I hope to see more affordable housing in my city.

I think we're going to be OK, I think Alberta has made a good choice.

I will just end my post by saying I feel sorry for Jim Prentice, the PC leader. So sad for him.

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