Friday, May 1, 2015

Joyfully Looking at Polls

So, being the psychic boy that I seem to be, a week or two ago, or at least a nice recent long while ago (can't remember exactly when), I told my Dad, or whoever else in my family who was around, that I had a dream that the NDP won Alberta's upcoming election.

Dreams are interesting for me. Sometimes they come true, in various ways.

Of course, I did have a different dream recently that I don't think should come true --- and I'm not even going to mention what it was.

Anyway, so, days pass, and I look online at the polling situation in Alberta for this election, and WOAH ---- I find that the NDP is leading in the polls, with almost 40 percent of the popular vote.


The NDP went from being the trailing party, the or one of the smallest party in the Legislature, to being the most popular in the polls, coming right up on the Election.

I do a little dance and celebrate. Yay.

My Dad, of course, is scared as hell. So is my Mom.

I mean, they are more right-wing in their views, but long ago my Dad told me that if I didn't want to support right-wing parties, then he would allow me to support the NDP. (The Liberals are completely out of the question however).

Anyway, it's alright with me, I think socialism could or would or should be cool.

My Mom has been, for years, afraid that she's going to be too poor when she retires from her job. My dad's been mostly unemployed for a very long time now.  It's amazing how they fret about being poor and having money issues, and yet they insist on supporting the capitalistic pigs.

I think it's only in my own, and my family's best interest to have some level of socialism in power.

My parents are all scared and worried about what the NDP will do, but I sit here thinking they don't know what's good for them, as they get old and retire, and I figure it's actually wonderful that the NDP might help.

What else do I think about an NDP government?

My dad says their higher corporate taxes will push out the big business in our province. Personally, I'm hoping the big business agrees to pay the taxes, but if they don't, then demand on housing in my province would hopefully decrease, and then we might find more affordable living spaces in Alberta ---- in case you couldn't tell, I'm all about being affordable and helping the poor, at the expense of the very wealthy.

The one thing that my Dad really liked about the Federal NDP was the proposed cap on credit card interest rates. I agree.

I'm personally getting out of debt hopefully this month, but I know that this is only possible for me because I was lucky enough to enjoy a low interest rate credit card.

I know Canadians (and Americans) are drowning in debt, and especially in Canada the 18-30% credit card interest rates are just unreasonable. Again, I would hope the NDP puts a provincial cap on credit card interest rates. I want to be reasonable of the bank, so that they don't feel like quitting our province, so that they can stay in business, but I think the banks in Canada are so large that they could afford to remove a few percentage points from their interest rates.

My personal guesstimate idea of what the maximum credit card rate should be in Alberta would be 15%. That's just me though. I would reduce it lower to 10%, but I don't want to hurt the banks too much.

So yeah, I'm sitting happy, seeing that the NDP lead in the polls. I think it's good.

I think I could live happily collecting welfare to live happily or comfortably, yet I would also believe in working when I can --- even working at no cost ---- just because I've found that I like working on things.

My sister recently moved the home where she lives. I helped her move (for free), and I have to say, I really enjoyed the work.

I enjoyed working on OUYA. It's good I wrote books.

I'm not the smartest anymore, I'm not the best anymore, I'm not skillful, I'm too easily stressed, but I think even those on welfare could do work if they find it.

Anyway. Yeah.

So, personally, I like the NDP, I think it could or would be good for Alberta, for my family.

I just want to make it clear that even though I belonged to the Wildrose Party, I only did that to help a family friend ----- I think the WR connection to Mormonism is scary enough that I would not actually want the WR to win.

So yeah. There. I dreamt the NDP would win ---- and I might turn out to be right if current polls are saying anything.

I'm so psychic. hah. Not perfectly psychic, but I have some ability, I guess.


Also in the news today is hopes of building a new trailer park in Calgary. This fits right in with NDP discussion ---- I do personally want to end homelessness, to increase affordable living spaces in our province. That CTV news story about a new trailer home park in our city seems relatable to my political discussion. (I just have the CTV new running in the background right now).


So, my dad may be afraid that the NDP is going to screw up ----- I would like to ask everyone, however many people that may be who read this blog, to pray that the next Alberta government, even if it's NDP, especially if it's NDP, will be a good government and do a good job. I think there's some value to keeping your prayers to yourself, but if I could lead whoever you readers are in a prayer group, I would just pray for good government in my province.


I know I "rip" on the Mormons a bit throughout my life, but I would like to say that Mormonism does teach some good things, and that it's actually because of Mormonism's good teachings that I support the NDP.

Mormonism, at it's core, is socialistic ---- Joseph Smith taught the like, it's in The Book of Mormon. Helping the poor, and give said the little stream------

I may rip on the Wildrose Party for being so supported by the Mormons ----- but it's partly because of my Mormon upbringing that I would prefer a socialist party.

Mormonism, at it's core, is comparable to communism or socialism ----- helping the poor ---- a good teaching, which I can accept. I just don't believe in doing it with Mormons anymore.

I rip on Mormons for good reason ----- and as I see the Mormons support the capitalistic right wing, that disturbs me, it just looks hypocritical.

So, I think Mormonism had some good teachings ---- that's partly why I like the NDP.

I also think that Mormonism has scarily bad things about it ----- that's why I shy away from the Wildrose.

I'll just note that this isn't my first time voting NDP.   I've voted for conservative parties in the past, but I've also voted NDP numerous times as well. It depends on how I feel, or what I really think at the time.

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