Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Election Day

So, I already voted NDP in an advance poll ---- and I have to admit that I've been a little bit nervous.

Of course, I prayed to God about my nervousness, and God calmed my fears, so maybe we can expect or hope for good things from the upcoming new government ---------

But now that my Dad said he no longer restricts me from voting Liberal, I can't help but wonder if provincial Liberals would have been the wiser choice over the NDP.

I mean, one of the good teachings of Mormonism was a form of socialism ---- and I am partly inspired to have a socialistic government based on the ideal of helping the poor, as Mormonism's social movement was inclined to do -------

Well, if socialism in the end turns out to be a failure (which I hope it doesn't), if it turns out to be a bit like "Animal Farm" with much hypocrisy, then one might have to wonder if the Mormon church was just a complete lie even in the poorly-thought-out philosophy.

Actually, maybe it doesn't matter.

My Dad is fear mongering me saying that if you tax the rich too much that the rich will leave.

Well, even according to the United Order sentiment by the Mormons, you are generally free to choose  to join the order or not of your own free will --- you are not forced to pay the high tax on the rich in Mormonism.

So, as it is with Canadianism, if you don't like the taxes, you can move somewhere else --- that makes Canadian socialism comparable in another way with Mormonism's United Order.

So --- will it work?

In order to successfully have higher taxes on the rich, you need rich people in your country. In Canada, we can't force the rich to stay in our land.

Though I, personally, have an abundant willingness to share of my property with other people, even being as "poor" as I am, can not say for certain that people richer than I would feel the same way. I would hope they agree to share, but we can not force them to, and if we can't get them to share, then my dad's fear mongering makes me wonder if socialism could fail somehow.


Things to note about what Wikipedia says Mormons said about the United Order::::

The Mormons say that communism is a satanic counterfeit of the United Order, a clumsy counterfeit.

It's very interesting to note that Satan's Clumsy counterfeit found far more success in so many ways, while the Lord's Pure Holy and Upright System failed almost immediately. :)


The possibility of failure is what I'm afraid of.  The reason I think a Liberal government or having a conservative federal government would be good is so that the very wealthy don't get completely annoyed at living in our country.  As my Dad's conservative wisdom seems to relate::: It's good to have wealthy people living in the community.


So, no, I'm not a social "utopian" of pure economic equality, I do believe that those who try or do should be allowed to get ahead ---- I just believe that everyone should have at least their basics provided for them - to end homelessness and hunger.


So yeah, I do wonder if Provincial Liberals might've made more sense than Provincial NDP. I'm no expert.

I do think we should have higher taxes on the wealthy, but try to keep those taxes fair enough so they don't want to run away.

God's Glorious United Order is far more prone to failure than Satan's Clumsy Communist Counterfeit. I wonder why. ;)

If the NDP fail then you've really got to wonder what Joseph Smith ever intended with his Communal Living system. Maybe I'm comparing apples with oranges here when it comes to socialist systems, but if Smith's system failed, and if a hopefully better modern approach fails, which I hope it doesn't, then maybe we can just write Mormonism off completely as a complete lie.


Where do I stand on Mormonism now?

I don't believe in Mormonism anymore ---- but I see a number of things that Joseph Smith tried to say or do which might be good ideas.

The church actually doesn't even follow Joseph's own teachings, which is one reason I don't go to church anymore,

but in a lot of ways some Mormon ideas do seem like good ideas.

Unfortunately, the church is just so corrupt or corrupted that I can only respect Joseph's good ideas, but not actually go to church. Any who.


So, who would I choose now, given a choice between Liberals and NDP?

Long ago when I checked out the NDP website, they didn't really have a policy manual outlined. I just have a vague idea that they want to help seniors, students, and provide good health care --- all of which is good, and I like.

The Liberal policy manual said the Liberals want to build high-speed rail transit between Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.

The rail transit system seems like a cool idea, but my Dad figured we (whether it be my family or albertans) wouldn't use it enough, and the idea might never pay for itself.

Personally ------ I would love it if Passenger rail opened between Calgary and the East, which I am told has been closed since in the 1980s because Calgary was conservative while the Liberals didn't like that --------- and yes, I think having rail transit again some day might be real nice (as long as my grandparents still live, all these years having grandparents living out east and never having rail transit, what a waste), but Rail Transit isn't an absolute necessity, so-----

NDP is good enough this time around. With an aging Alberta population, taking care of those old people is a priority and The NDP should be able to do that.

So, I do like the NDP "more" right now, I just have seen enough conservative fear mongering to make me wonder if the Liberals would take better care of the economy.

I'm just glad that I read somewhere that NDP Leader Rachel Notley does actually intend on balancing the budget in a year or two or so. Yay. I hope they figure that much out. :)



I was just thinking about some differences between the Liberals and the NDP.  The big difference is that the Liberals seem to help the MIDDLE CLASS, while the NDP might be more about helping people who are actually poor.

I can now see why my Dad preferred the NDP ------ the Liberals didn't help too much when I was growing up because they were helping the Middle Class, and when I was growing up, we were pretty much in the Lower Class. Mid-to-high-Lower-class is what I'd say we were.

Yeah, I can see why the NDP is the better choice ---- helping people who are actually poor, rather than the middle class who don't need it as much.

The problem with my family is that, well, we have serious mental problems.

Growing up, I actually excelled at most of what I tried to do, scouts did good for me, keeping the promise to do my best, I was one of the brightest kids in school.

But, it is clear that my family is just having serious mental illness issues ---- I myself went through enough crap that even I went insane -------

but even with me being in "good" mental health, well, there are other members of my family who didn't do so well.

Though I was very intelligent as a kid, when it comes to mental health, it seems my family, or the Attfield family, is absolutely screwed.

And that's why we'd prefer the NDP ---- because they help actual poor people, because helping the middle class doesn't apply to us ------ we are so messed up in the head, we'd be lucky to achieve middle class, which my family is lucky enough to achieve because my mom has a brain and is able to work.

It's my DAD who has genetic mental problems, and trying to grow up with him (and a genetically messed up family) was very difficult. It's my mom, who is very intelligent, who saved the family.

We couldn't rely on my father to improve our living conditions much. When he was worn out, he was worn out.

My dad is only good at math and computers, and even then he seems lacking.

My mom has multiple degrees, was a captain in the army, and power-reads through books like they were her favourite entertainment ----- It's my MOM who has the brains, she might be the reason I turned out so well.

While my Dad, and his family historically/genetically, suffers from sometimes severe mental illness and it's very difficult to grow up with -----

anyway, helping the middle class didn't help us under the Liberals, while my mom was a stay-at-home-mom.

We only got into the middle class after my mom finished another degree at university and got a job.

And yes ----- it is very frustrating sometimes or oftentimes how messed up my family's mental health is.

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