Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wondering about Sales

So, related to yesterday's post:

I think I'm noticing a pattern where stores in USA, Canada and UK are either selling my print books, or just throwing them out for recycling or something. The numbers of books in stock just don't match what I would typically see if there was no action.

I can fear two things:

My books are considered so bad that no one will buy them or;

My books are being bought, but I have to fear potentially angry mobs for any or whatever reason about any of the potentially-touchy subject matter I might have talked about.

I try to be honest, I try to say good things, I try to be heading in a good moral direction, ever since I was young I was just trying to be a good boy,

But there are so many factors involved in all this stuff that anything could explode at any moment.

Like, maybe the Mormons won't like me telling the truth about what I experienced and know about their church.

Or maybe my talk of racism in some of my books might cause people to dislike me for whatever reason, like if I said something wrong.

Anyway, either my books are just such crap that stores won't stock them anymore, or people have finally noticed all the marketing I've been doing, and have been buying my books,

at which point I might have to fear about how people will respond to the stories.

Morality is so ------ , I want to say "subjective", in that different people can hold opposing views, both of which sides consider their view to be morally correct.

One guy could believe one thing, another guy could believe something else that is actually opposite and even contradictory to the first guy's belief, yet they could or would both see themselves and being more morally correct and superior to the other guy.


So I tried to be good and moral growing up, but morality can start being questioned based on any number of factors, so basically, yeah, I suppose I should fear potential explosions.

Trying to keep an open mind and having intelligent discussion is important.

Like, for myself, I used to be a true-believing mormon. Now, with my open mind and experience, I now no longer even trust that church. I'm done with them after what I went through and what I understand.

I tried to be a good and moral mormon boy, but there is something seriously wrong with that religion....

So people might take issue with me for leaving the church, and people might take issue with me for ever having supported it.


Maybe I'm just paranoid.

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