Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Fraudulent Church

So, in the past few days I've been thinking about how the LDS patriarch told me to travel and preach to the nations as a young man, yet the church seemed to be completely unhelpful and unsupportive of me taking on this task. There was absolutely zero help or support from the church in achieving the goal the patriarch set forth for me.

They just treated me like I was crazy instead.

In fact, the patriarch also said I would hear the voice of the holy ghost ---- but when the holy ghost spoke to me, the church only wanted me to not believe in or deny my own testimony.

This church is absolutely fouled up.

I don't believe in mormonism anymore. The behaviour of their leaders was appalling.

I believe in God and Jesus, but not the LDS church ----- the LDS church is just so wrong and horrible.

So yeah:::

Patriarch told me to travel and preach to nations as young man:::

But church is completely unhelpful and completely unsupporitive.

Patriarch told me I'd hear voice of the holy ghost:::::

But church only wants me to disbelieve and deny my own testimony.

That is absolutely fouled up.

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