Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Version of Pfhonge and other News

So, last night I released a new version of Pfhonge.

The original inspiration for this new version was the need to implement Chinese localization --- but as my OUYA does not have an option to look at the interface in Chinese, I didn't get to test the Chinese code I had written.

Well, OUYA approved the new version, but told me that they aren't finished developing for chinese yet, and that I have to test my own Chinese version to make sure it's right.

Having not tested the Chinese version, I published the new release anyway.

Well, this morning I figured out a way to do some of my chinese testing, and yeah, I must be mentally ill because I screwed up. Oops.

I almost wonder if there's some hacker who likes to change what I write down, like if I'm not careful what I try to write or code doesn't turn out the way I want it to be --- and this actually happens an awful lot.

If I don't review or test my own work, it'll invariably turn out wrong. I have to review and check each time. It's like there's a typo fairy haunting my computer that puts errors in what I try to write. Ugh.

This typo fairy apparently also attacked the copyright notice of my book "The Eagle's Sore".  It took me 3 years to see this, but I finally noticed a spelling error in my copyright notice the other day. Sucks.


So, a few days ago I posted a screen shot of the storefront "best dictionaries" having lower stock of my book than they normally would.

Well, now "best dictionaries" isn't even listed for my book --- while there is a listing for "WB23".

O boy. I did a lookup on google for "WB23" and found no mentioning of Warner Brothers, but I can't help but wonder if that's what this is.

You see, the company that made The Number 23 is New Line Cinema, and they're a subsidiary of Warner Brothers.

This is kind of exciting. I mean, I suppose I could fear that they're annoyed by the similarities between my book and their movie, except the book really is just a book about my life, and part of my life was seeing a huge relationship between my life and their movie.

No idea what to do. I'm a bit of a hobbit in my lifestyle at this point, trying to escape adventure and just enjoy my food. If that is Warner Brothers making their awareness of me known, whatever the excitement it might entail, whether it be good or bad, is a little scary to this hobbit. Though, I am a bit tall for a hobbit.


This has happened more than once now --- someone will actually buy one of my ebooks, but then will refund the purchase the same day.

I mean, most people don't buy anything from me, most people don't want to spend $0.99, but of the most recent purchasers of any of my ebooks, they both refunded my book the same day.

It's like it's unfathomable to the mind of the average human to spend $0.99 on something.

I spent thousands of dollars to publish and advertise my books originally, and I was hoping I'd get the money back through sales ---- but it appears that 99% of humanity has absolutely no willingness to spend the smallest price on my work and would rather just steal it.

That thought it kind of depressing.

I spent thousands of dollars, going into debt, and I thought I'd earn that money by writing more books and video games ----- but most people just don't spend anything, and just take freebies. What a mistake I made.

At least I'm going to be able to finally pay off that debt anyway, but I'm just sad that humanity is either too poor or too cheap to spend the smallest price. Very disappointing.


And, in my hopes to make money, well, either book stores are unstocking my writings for whatever reason or they've sold some, and well, I'm still waiting for the paperback sales to be reported. Maybe it'll just take a few months.

I just know that in the self-publishing community that there has been great paranoia that the companies that print and sell the books aren't honest. Yes, I have my fears. I hope things will turn out alright, but considering how humanity won't even pay $0.99 99% of the time, I have my fears too.

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