Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Book Maybe Someday?

So, for a while I've been thinking about the possibility of writing another book, but I realized that my brain isn't quite into that right now or recently.

I still haven't gotten into writing much of anything, but last night I actually had some ideas for a new book. If I eventually get to work on this, it might take a while. It took me over a year to write The Eagle's Sore you should realize. I'm extremely limited in my creativity.


So, back on the subject of my paranoia of being paid for books already sold::: I had a look at an FAQ, and it turns out it may take at least several weeks before sales are even just reported. OK then. Hopefully I have nothing to fear about the publishing company's integrity, or the idea that storefronts might just be tossing my books into the recycling.

Maybe I'm a little paranoid. But, considering the number of 1 star reviews my first book has received, maybe my books are just going into the recycling. Who knows?

Life is a constant struggle, all throughout my life I've been having to put up with garbage of one form or another from somewhere, and now it's just people not buying my books (or stealing), people giving me low ratings, paranoia about stores throwing out the copies they had in stock, and the ever present paranoia from every self-published author that sales aren't reported.

Anyway, yeah, just had to put up with too much garbage in life, now that I look back on everything I've been through.

Isn't it so sad that my life was soooo crappy that when I wrote a book about my experiences, the story was so bad that a large portion of reviewers just give me 1 star?

That's pretty darned sad.

I viewed the psychiatry as punishment for having been abused, and now that I've written a book about it, I'm getting low ratings for a story about being punished for having been abused. Sucks.

Yeah - I mean The Book of Finch really is just my best attempt to tell the true story of my life, and because my life had been sooooo horrible, I managed to pick up a number of 1 star reviews from people who feel like telling me they hate the story of my life because of how bad the story of my life is. Just sucks you know?

If I had a better life, I would have had something better to write about. But my life is so full of crap, that I can only be ridiculed for writing a story where I was punished for having been abused. It just sucks.

And now, these days, either people rip me off, won't pay much or anything, or I have paranoia that things are just going wrong.

I hope things get better.

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