Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Delusion Figured Out

People have said I've been delusional for a long time ---- but it's kind of hard to blame me, as an individual, for my own delusion, when society at large propagates false ideas, claiming them to be the truth, and essentially drives or even forces you to believe these things.

Growing up, I had always been taught in church (LDS Mormonism) that we were looking forward to the second coming of Jesus Christ, that some day Jesus will return, that the Book of Revelations will someday be fulfilled in its' entirety.

I mean, I wrote the last part of my report "Aftermath" discussing a little bit about the "upcoming" second coming and a bit about revelations.

I'm beginning to think my mind was part of a mass delusion that part of our society was under.

Upon learning more and examining the evidence for myself ---- it seems very likely that that the book of Revelations has already been fulfilled and that the second coming already happened.

Wow. I was delusional. And no one pointed out the "truth" to me for quite a long time --- which meant no one knew and it was mass delusion.

And I look at Aftermath, and I then realize that the whole belief system I was living under in the church was just complete crap.

There are some very good reasons to believe that Revelations is already fulfilled, that the second coming already happened, and we've extended far further into the future than that the point in time the LDS church said we were in.

Well, I'm glad that delusion is done with.

And I'm glad I don't have to worry about a lot of the problems mentioned in that book.

But, though the prophecy of Saint Malachy may have been a fraud, and though it was attributed to Nostradamus ----

You do kind of have to wonder about Nostradamus --- I can't remember the exact dates, but Nostradamus came after the second coming too, and according to some interpretations of his work, his predictions come true.

And, well, I'm not sure I should say what I know about what he said, but if he did truly actually predict the coming of Napoleon and Hitler, then I suppose there is still some reason to worry in this modern age of the earth. My knowledge and information on that matter is limited, however.

And it, I guess, has nothing to do with the Second Coming. It's just more prophecy of things supposedly going to happen, post-second coming.

Now ---- a psychiatrist might say that if I deviate from the societal norm of what is commonly believed, that I'm delusional for disagreeing with the rest of society.

But, we should realize that truth is truth regardless of who believes it --- in reality it could be society that's delusional.

So, yeah, I was suffering from a delusion -- a delusion that the LDS church gave me --- and now that I've finally learned more, I realize it is very extremely likely that the book of Revelations is already fulfilled, the second coming has already happened, and some of the discussion points in my books are, actually, more or less, insane, thoughts based on completely erroneous teachings I received about the earth's history and future.


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