Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mixed Messages from the Mormons

I was just thinking about my life, how I was the smartest boy in school, and how the Mormons required me to forgive all men lest I am the greater sinner and face the greater condemnation.

So:::: I lose Annie Liability's friendship because her parents didn't care for our freedom of association and our right to liberty, and they were angry at me for who knows what reason,

so the church tells me I have to forgive them. To forgive means to forget.

I have to mentally retard myself to the point of not remembering that Annie even broke up with me. I have to forget all the garbage her family was putting me through, or else I was worse than they were.

And then the September 11th 2001 disasters happened. Very upsetting disasters. But, if I was required to forgive Annie's family, I was also required to forgive the terrorists and Al Qaeida, as I was required to forgive ALL MEN.

So, not only did I have to forget that Annie had dumped me and the pain that caused, but I also had to forget that the twin towers had been destroyed, I was supposed to lose my mental realization that we were going to war ---- if I even remembered anything going wrong in New York on that day, that made me worse than Osama bin Laden and I would face the greater condemnation, according to my mormon religion.

Anyway, so the Mormons, who want me to suffer from permanent memory loss, are concerned that I'm not performing well enough in school, I used to have top grades in school and now my ability is suffering ---- their requirement for me to forgive people was mentally retarding my brain because I wasn't allowed to remember the things that went wrong.

Anyway, though the Mormons wanted me to suffer from permanent memory loss, at the same time they decided to send me to brain doctors and force me on Drugs so my brain would return to it's usual healthy and well-thought-out state.  They were trying to make me smart, even as they wanted me to forget the horrible things that happened.

It's a mixed message, it just doesn't work ---- The Mormons just wanted me to be smart at the same time I suffered from permanent memory loss ----- It just doesn't work, either my brain works or it doesn't --- the Mormons wanted it both ways.

Anyway, now that I've remembered 9/11, I'm in deep crap according to Mormonism - just for remembering it.  The Lord's angels are probably going to bomb the heck out of my city now, because I'm so condemned for a sin worse than destroying New York's towers -- just by remembering the original disaster.

yes --- it is all stupidity. I was stupid to trust the Mormons so much.

I wanted a good Moral ideology to support. I was stupid to think the Mormon ideology would actually work or make sense.

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