Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I really MUST be disabled

So, I've sat down to work on writing a book I started a few years ago - but in order to work on the book I have to read what I already have written down.

I really must be disabled, because I can't get my brain to concentrate on the writing --- I'm like, unable to read books it seems like.

When I was young, and the top of the class in school, I could read through whole books no problem --- I was a power-reader like my mom is.

But, when I grew up, I found myself UNABLE to concentrate on anything I tried reading --- I can teach myself the Python Programming Language from a book or i can learn to program and Android game in Java ---- but I can't read an actual good book, like a novel very well ----- this makes me more like my father.

It's sooooo annoying to have a brain that won't concentrate. I used to have a good function mind that i could concentrate on anything (I'm sure). But now I can't!!

I WANT to write another book, I WANT to be smart, but I can't get myself to concentrate (and yes, I am medicated right now). No idea. Sucks.

Well, I guess I was lucky to even be able to write the books I did write or read the books I have listed at goodreads.

It shouldn't be so hard ---- but it is hard.

I used to think just fine, concentrate just fine, I could read through lots of things, I could learn in school. But now it's very difficult for me.

I guess I must be disabled then. Sucks.

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