Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hyper Mentalism Testing

So, for the past few days I had some pretty decent results with my mentalism tests.

So this morning, I met my sister and did a test with her. I got 1/3 on the alphanumeric pick 3. The probability of getting that is about 1/36, and as that was my only test all day at that point--- I felt enabled, I felt capable.

So, I did several more tests with members of my family ----- all horrible failures. It's like the ability just stopped. Wasn't working anymore.

So, we went out for dinner. I was sitting across the table from my brother-in-law's brother. In our conversation I was constantly trying different kinds of guessing or telepathy tests.

A lot of our attempts didn't work, but we did have some interesting results::::

I thought of the word "Magpie". I asked him to guess my word. He said "Avarice". It was interesting to us because mythically magpies are considered to be greedy thieves -- essentially a relationship between my word and the meaning of his word.

He thought of the word "Elephant". I read him and my word was "Hate".  This was also interesting because they say elephants never forget, and according to mormonism, if you don't forget, then you don't forgive, which means you are hateful. Loose connection.

A few more loose connections of the day::: we did a bunch of tests that failed, but we did have some more interesting results::::

I had him read my mind.

He said: Flamingo.

My original word: Frogs

This was interesting because both words start with the letter F and contain the letter G. It was close enough to please me.

He said: Cheerio

My original word: Coffee

This was interesting because both words start with C and both contain ee.

After he and I parted, we went out driving some more and I finally did one test with my father which was pretty decent:::

I said:: Uncanny or Unicorn.

His original word: Umbilical.

This, again is interesting because all words start with U and contain C.

Soooo ------ TO be honest, my mentalist ability is really not working very well today, worked sort of OK but not what I was hoping for.  Today just wasn't the best day.

I did all this testing because I was all hyper about it ---- probably because I was together with my whole family today. Huh. And because of all my recent success.

Today just wasn't that great.

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