Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello Hungary

So, I just logged into blogger to tell a little funny story from recent --- and found that Israel isn't the only country to visit my blog en masse now.

So, Hungary got interested. Wow. I have no idea how I got out there, people from all kinds of countries visit my blog, and I sell video games all over the place (on the seldom occasion when I do sell something).


My amusing story?

I think it was last Tuesday I sent an excited email to my email pals feeling so excited about seeing someone on the street the first thing that morning --- I saw a person who looked like he was a character out of my "The Eagle's Sore" book, and it excited me because I had been discussing that book in email the day before.

Well, today I discovered they're holding a ComicCon in my city. You know, that geeky parade where people dress up as their favourite characters.

So, yeah, seeing someone who looked like they came out of my book was interesting, and I figured it was just a coincidence, and it may have been a coincidence, but now that I've found there's a ComicCon here now, I do kind of wonder.

I have a friend I knew in school, and he's my friend on Facebook, who dressed up as Luigi from the Ninendo games for Comic Con.  I told my family about his Facebook picture, when my brother told me he was actually featured on the news this evening in his Luigi outfit.



I could whine some more about people not paying me for my work, but I do realize there's a value to forgiveness so I just gotta figure out how to deal with this situation amiably. It's actually flattering to see that people have noticed me, but the poor kid inside of me would like to earn something as well. At least I have government welfare --- I can survive if people don't pay me, but just know I'd feel a lot better if people did pay me, and as I would like to earn so much that I'd get kicked off welfare.

I can understand the mentality that can't pay for anything, even cheap things, but I, like Judoon the Dwarf, want to earn so much ---- I would like to earn enough to at least get kicked off welfare. Yeah. I think that would be a socially responsible thing for me to do.

Earning money would encourage me to work at more projects, while if no one pays me, I can't guarantee that I'd churn out anything. It's just disheartening when people won't even pay the smallest amount for any of my work - You know?

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