Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An overload of things to say - so I say it on my blog

I am a man bursting full of words. I send enough email, but I don't want to annoy my friends so I let my words spill over onto my blog, where I talk about things in excess because my mind is full of problems and need of vindication for my positions.

Many years ago, I was under a lot of stress and pressure. Just this idea that I was schizophrenic, or unrealistic or mentally ill and the inability of anyone around me to understand my viewpoint was a big problem for me ---- it was a very top concern for a very long time, as the things in The Book of Finch explain.

- I just want to make it clear, so that there is no misunderstanding, that it was understood that I had been MISdiagnosed with schizophrenia by the year 2010.

After about 9 years of kicking and screaming about the whole schizophrenia diagnosis, I finally decided to break a rule and show the doctors and nurses my LDS patriarchal blessing. I'm not schizophrenic anymore -- though I still have some psychological issues.

Probably THE BIGGEST issue that I faced with doctors was this idea that my belief in a magical reality was entirely delusional, hallucinatory, or in other words just plain wrong.

I argued about about all kinds of stuff ---- but with one doctor in particular his key issue was my TELEPATHY.  He wanted to make sure that I stopped my telepathy.

According to him, I was just talking to myself in my own mind and calling it telepathy.

He wanted to take it away from me. He wanted to force an end to my belief, he wanted to change my thought patterns.

Anyway, to put it simply, over the years I have repeatedly shown an actual legitimate ability to read minds. It is understood that I can do it locally, but I myself also know that I can do it globally, at least with the right people.

Basically, in the past few days I did some telepathy tests with my dad --- and I've had REALLY GOOD RESULTS.

My results aren't perfect. Sometimes I'm completely wrong. Often I'm only mostly right. and sometimes I'm 100% correct.

Basically, though I'm not a perfect all-powerful mentalist at this point, I've demonstrated enough ability to know that I am capable.

I can do it with my mother and father demonstrably through home testing ---- and in digital testing with the telepathy zero iPhone app, I ranked 33rd in the world for telepathic ability, though now I think I'm down at maybe 36th (which means there are other people who are better at this ability than I am).

So yeah, it's just kind of strange, to have spent all these years tormented by people telling me I'm mentally ill, forcing me on drugs to believe and think things which I knew were wrong, and eventually I was able to prove myself anyway ----- which meant I had been placed under the power of some seriously, well, wrong individuals who didn't actually do properly or reason with me properly or something. It's like they didn't understand or know properly.

Anyway, it was a real waste of time ---- I had some things I could've been doing with my life, but instead I had to spend those years dealing with thinkers who were less capable than I who had some kind of authority or power over me. Waste of time.


As for that latest 1 star review I got on amazon ---- I actually feel good about that review, the reviewer says "feel sorry for the author" ----- I actually love that expression of pity this person has on me.

My book is completely craptastic ---- it was so horrible that I suppose I can only expect 1 star reviews --- but it was nice to see this latest 1 star review seemed to have some sympathy on me ---- I feel good about that. :)

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