Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Short Little Discussion

I don't have many people to talk to --- I don't want to write to my old psychiatric nurse too much because I know bulk email is frowned upon, and I can't talk to my dad about things because he's often unwilling to discuss things with me. So, I will now turn to my blog:

In my understanding, the purpose of Mormonism is to cause people to live perfect and sinless lives, so EVERYONE can be just like and just as good as Jesus Christ.

That is, in a nutshell, what Mormonism is about::: being perfect and essentially being the same as or just as good as Jesus Christ.

But, even my Dad realizes that this is an impossible undertaking -- Expecting such from the human race is unrealistic, unreasonable, in all likelihood cannot be done.

It makes most sense to do your best to be a good person, and to forgive everyone else. Basically, try to be good, and forgive everyone's shortcomings.

But even here there's a problem in Mormonism:::

In mormonism, forgiveness is not the same thing that the rest of the world things of it as::: In mormonism, you can and will punish the very same people you forgive for the very same crimes and sins.

In Mormonism, the Atonement didn't remove the penalty of your sin, the atonement just made you repent of your sin.

Anyway, yeah, in Mormonism, you're goal is to be perfect, and it's obvious that this is an unrealistic goal.

Even if you tried to be as good as possible, and just forgive the rest, in Mormonism there is no getting off the hook, even if you are forgiven, even with the atonement, you will never just get out of jail free for any of the sins you've committed --- there is always a price you must individually pay.

So:::: What was the point of Jesus' atonement in Mormonism? If you live a perfect life, then you are exactly as Jesus was and, well, the atonement probably has nothing to do with that.

If you sin, and repent, you are doing that entirely under your own willpower, the atonement might be attributed with your repentance, when it is really just your own choice and willpower.

It's just so strange, how the very fundamental property of the atonement -- That Jesus paid the price, suffered the penalty, took the hit for you --- is completely ignored by mormonism when forgiveness can still mean punishment at the same time and yeah, really what I understood is that the concept of being let off the hook doesn't occur to the Mormons.

So::: what is forgiveness to the Mormons if it's not to let you off the hook?

In Mormonism, you can be locked up, you can be punished in any way shape or form for what you've done --- forgiveness simply means that the victim of the offence just doesn't feel anger about or remember the wrongdoing. If the victim has anger or remembrance of wrongdoing then the victim is condemned worse than the original offender.

So, in mormonism, the forgiven offender will be punished, and the victim will be punished worse than the offender if they don't just forget what happened.

It's an absolutely senseless system that doesn't really actually help anybody.

So yeah, I don't believe in mormonism, and I just have a need to talk about it, but I have few people to talk to - just writing on my blog right now.

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