Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I learned about Politics:

I'm just writing this blog post to tell a bit about what I learned about Politics:

Unless you are very wealthy and are very interested in your cause, NEVER GIVE MONEY TO A POLITICAL PARTY.

Growing up, I was very interested in the concept of a democracy, and I was all growing up brainwashed by Mormons and the NRA.

I grew up, found out there were problems, and shifted my viewpoints.

Anyway, it's easy and happy for me to give money to beggars on the street -- 98-99% of beggars I encounter get something from me, if I remember correctly. There are some reasons why I haven't been absolutely perfect about this, and if I actually explained them you might understand.

Anyway, I can give to beggars on the street in the community and be happy with that, and feel good about it.

Every month I donate a big chunk of my money to charity. I think it's a good cause, I'm happy about it, I'm very ra-ra about this. This is where most of my donations go.

Now ----- I grew up as an LDS mormon, and I grew up feeling very hypnotized to pay tithing. They just drive it into your skull how important it is to pay tithing.  Long story short, eventually I started feeling pretty bad about giving money to the church. So I stopped.

Similar for political parties:::: I joined the wildrose party to help a family friend, and at an election I liked JUST ONE issue that was my key issue that the wildrose had, so I donated a bit of money to the party.

Big mistake.

It's like this with both the federal party one of my family members donated to and myself with the wildrose::: It's like EVERY MONTH they phone asking for money.

Basically, it started being a negative thing for me to be asked every month for money. Every so often getting a phonecall and finding out that it's just looking for a handout.

It's easy, nice and pleasant to give to the poor.  It's beautiful to give to a charity of good works. I started to feel bad about giving to the Mormon church, and well, the Wildrose party just got freakin' annoying with all their phonecalls asking for money.

OK ---- it's true that I would get a bunch of phonecalls from my one charity asking if I could donate more, but guess what? The last time they asking for more donations --- I gave it to them ---- and then, yay, they stopped calling and asking.

To tell the truth, I'm not made of money so I can't give every time a charity asks, and I'm glad they stopped phoning so much ---- but at least when they did phone I could feel good about the help I was giving others. And they stopped phoning so they aren't bothering me too much, that's nice of them.

But the Wildrose party was just constantly phoning, like maybe once a month, about, and always asking for money, and well, to tell the truth:::

1) The constant hand in the pocket is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.
2) I'm not nearly as concerned about politics now as I was when I was younger.
3) I'm very ambivalent about Mormons, and well, the Wildrose Party apparently has huge mormon influences, so that kind of turns me off that party.

Basically, if you change your mind about who you are going to vote for --- it gets especially annoying to constantly get phone calls from a political party that only seems to want money.

Basically, I didn't care for all the phonecalls or all the requests for money.

So, at least, happily enough, I became aware today that my membership in that party has "lapsed" ---- which is great because I thought my membership was supposed to have "lapsed" long ago. Who knows.

Yeah. Ummm. I don't want to be unfriendly the Wildrose, but because of their mormon influences I'm not inclined to support them right now.

But yeah, I'm glad my membership is over, and I hope all the phonecalls asking for a handout stop.

I feel good about giving to beggars, I feel good about giving to charity, but giving to the church and giving to a political party are beyond me right now.

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