Sunday, March 22, 2015

Subject: Extremely Good Telepathy Results

I just sent the following email to some people I tend to write to on a regular basis::


Hey Guys:

So I was updating my computer, and while I waited for the updates to install (and my computer was unusable) I turned to my iPhone to do some telepathy 0 testing.

The first test I got wrong.

But from that first test I learned something important.

You see, I’ve noticed a pattern of “right shifts” and “left shifts” in this game. I got the first one wrong, learned what kind of shift was being used, and then proceeded to get the next 3-5 right.

Now, I got that 3-5 right (I can’t remember how far that streak went), and got something wrong and had to start again.

Anyway, my brother is in the room with me, and every time I had a good streak I would say “I made it [this far #] and then I got it wrong”.

Guess what? I had a 5 streak, a 4 streak and another 5 streak all within a few minutes of each other, probably in less than a 10 minute period.

So I had two 5 streaks and a 4 streak all in a very short period of time, probably within 10 minutes or less.

If someone is looking at my results on some hidden server, that would show that I beat the odds in an extreme way, just calculate 3^4 and 3^5 —— those numbers show the odds of how many attempts I would have to make to get that much result under normal circumstances.

I definitely exceeded statistical expectations::: a total of at least 14 right in less than 10 minutes, in the form of two 5 streaks and 4 streak.

Anyway, yeah, just figuring out the puzzle of left shifts and right shifts is really working for me. Unfortunately, I’m not the best at determining if it’s right, left, or honest at this point. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s left, and sometimes it’s honest, and knowing this much only gets me as far as a 5 streak, and the pattern changes, and I have yet to find out how to really just KNOW if it’s left, right, or honest.

All i know is I can get excessive mid-high-level streaks in short periods of time now that I’ve discovered shifts.

-Kris Attfield

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