Sunday, March 29, 2015

Politics in my country

Sorry for another political post ---- It's really too bad that I sit here and discuss impolite subject matter like religion, and politics.

I'm trying to keep my nose out of politics, I don't want to be totally involved in that ---- but I will just say my piece about where I stand (yet again).

What colour best represents my political alignment? Orange. Kinda Orangey.

In my family, we basically aren't allowed to be liberals, but my dad will let me support the NDP, so yeah, in numerous elections, that's how I voted.

I can't say that my ideals are perfectly aligned with NDP ideals, I don't know the whole platform and have never lived under an NDP government before, so basically I'm just having to be happy living under a PROGRESSIVE Conservative Government ---- The Progressive Party was apparently something like the NDP back before the merger.

Anyway ----- I'm not a member of the party, nor do I totally follow or adhere to or know about all their ideals-----

But there are some things that I personally believe which are best represented by a "social" platform.

I believe everyone should have food to eat, and a place to live. I think everyone should at least be provided their basic necessities ---- at the cost of redistributing wealth from the very wealthy to the very poor.

I know what it's like to grow up in a certain poor environment with unemployed parents::: and I got lucky because at least my dad had already paid off the mortgage.  It's not nice.

I suppose you might take a position that people who don't follow rules, morals or ethics very well should be in worse conditions ---- and I know my family growing up was having deep behavioural problems ------ so maybe we deserved to be poor,

But, I basically think that having a guaranteed place to live, guaranteed food to eat and chances for advancement in society are necessary.

So, I'm not a total commie ----- I don't believe in pure economic equality, I believe in at least providing everyone with their basics ----- I also believe, however, that a certain amount of reward for greater effort, to put it simply, should be given.

I remember reading an article a while back about how Canadian politics, apparently, think that giving every Canadian a basic sum of money to live off of every year is a good idea --- it's accepted, apparently, by all parties. I am happy with this. They just disagree on how to get and redistribute that money.

I only saw that article once, and no one else ever discussed it as I understand, so yeah, don't know where that's going----

But yeah, Basically, I believe in creating a political economic system or climate where poor people are benefited with their basic needs. I believe people who put forth a good effort to do good should be rewarded beyond that amount.

Soooo ---- how would I answer living in a society where people think it's OK to rip off cheaply priced toys, products, games, music - whatever --- What do I say about that??

First off, religiously speaking, I think if you're the kind of person who isn't going to pay a person for their work honestly then you deserve to lack riches yourself. I essentially believe - karmically - that a dollar SPENT is a dollar EARNED. If you can't spend a dollar on someone's hard work, but you would take it for free, well, in my spiritual believe structure that means you are or will be very poor. You will not benefit from not paying the man for his work, and if he asks only a small price which you are unwilling to pay ---- then yeah, spiritually in my mind, karma might demand you lose your wealth.

Anyway, I think if people had some money in the first place, however, that people might feel more willing to spend said money.

If you don't have money, then you will pretty much steal to provide. That doesn't help the business man.

But if you have money, even if it's your basic earnings from the government---- You will spend that money, you would not should not and will not steal, and the business man benefits from being paid for work.

Yeah. So, I believe in redistributing wealth from the rich and giving it to the poor so everyone's basics are provided for, but I also believe that people should not steal, so if you can't be bothered to pay a dollar for a product that costs a dollar and you'd rather steal it --- then either you are too poor to pay for it, or you deserve to be too poor to pay for it. Stealing just isn't right.

Yeah - they say a penny saved is a penny earned, but in my personal idea of spirituality I believe that giving to the poor, paying for all products and services honestly and basically just contributing to the welfare of others is essential on a path to good personal and societal wealth.

It seems, to the under-thoughtful, that paying for things and giving to people would actually just diminish your own wealth ------ Not in my mind ----- In my mind, the true path to attaining wealth is to deal with people honestly and to be generous.

Anyway, yeah, a bit of politics mixed with spiritual thought.

I think the poor should be provided for, even by the government, and I think people should understand that it's important for everyone's well-being (including their own) to actually pay for goods and services.

The rich should be generous, and the poor should be honest, essentially. Yeah.


I kinda wish I didn't feel like posting my thoughts on this so much, but it's on my mind and in my heart, and I feel a need to talk about it so I post it here.



Yes --- you could say this blog post is basically praising two Mormon songs which you grow up with as an LDS ---- "give said the little stream, give, oh give, give oh give" and "because I have been given much I too must give".

Basically, I look at those teachings and believe it is pretty sound to teach these things, it's something I agree with the Mormons about.

I grew up poor, but we were given enough to live on in the LDS church. And the LDS church was good for me because it taught me to do my best, and to not steal, so that's what I did and tried to teach my family to do, and now we're doing pretty good.

I just believe that paying for things honestly and giving generously, and never just taking - is the right way to be. If you are just taking something, make sure it's offered freely and make sure it truly is a gift. It's OK to receive ---- but being honest and being generous is awesome.

Of course we have to plan and budget properly, but as you do that make sure people are honestly paid for their efforts, and that you even help those who do not have.

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