Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Old "friend" and a problem

So, it's almost midnight, but I thought I'd just mention that earlier today I got an email from someone I once knew.

I'm still not quite sure what they were trying to tell me with that email, but the name was perfectly recognizable and now I have their email address.

I kinda wonder if he wants me to talk to him like I talk to other people I know in email. Maybe he does --- but he hasn't responded to my response yet, so I don't know what's going on there. It wasn't exactly clear what he was trying to say with his message (yes - it was that vague).

And now for my thoughts on a problem in the LDS church, as I understood and experienced.

I was once told by a church member that the LDS Mormon Church is "The perfect place for imperfect people".

The LDS church liked to clearly explain that they are a place meant for imperfect people, they are designed to help the imperfect, which seemed to say that perfect people don't need to attend.

So yeah, they say the LDS church is the perfect place for imperfect people.

I sense dishonesty.

You know why?

The church is so uptight and legalistic, that in my experience they will make you feel like crap for the slightest imperfection.

If you masturbate, you are immediately disfellowshipped. If you look at porn, you can be excommunicated --- as I've understood the church. If you drink caffeine, coffee, alcohol or smoke then you will have x y and z members constantly trying to 'poke your eyes out' about it.

Basically, the church advertises itself as the perfect place for imperfect people,

which is a lie, it's not a good place for the "imperfect" at all, because in my experience they just torment people about little things they perceive as problems.

I will just now tell you that they will even criticize a male adult for wearing a sweater to church. I'm serious - I've seen it before.


So, I got an email from someone I once knew, and I'm wondering what this means, if I'm allowed to email this person like I email other people I know.

And the church claims to be "the perfect place for imperfect people", but that's a lie because they'll just torment you over the slightest thing they consider wrong. As far as I've understood.

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