Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Verdict

A While back I think I posted a blog post about "awaiting a verdict" or something like that, trying to figure out if LDS mormonism or Mormonism as a whole is of God or the Devil.

In Letters to Whomever I express my knowledge of LDS miracles, and I basically just agree with one of the general authorities who spoke in general conference that the LDS church is either of God, or it is of the Devil.

I have given the topic some serious thought, and some serious study.

Sometimes I feel so seduced by Mormonism that I want to go back to them, or I want to see them as right and good people.

Maybe some of them are good or right somehow someway,

but in the end, I'm afraid that my Verdict of the LDS church is:::

I believe, and this is my verdict, that the LDS church is of THE DEVIL.

They are so convincing, they are so deceptive, but I've closely and seriously examined them, and I am not convinced that GOD is really truly behind their beliefs and actions.

If the LDS church were of God, then God clearly lies.

God is supposed to represent truth, and the devil represent lies.

The LDS church probably happens to be Satanic, as is my verdict and opinion.

and, it's kind of sad how I realize how weak I am personally ---- just weeks ago I was feeling very seduced by the LDS. I only stopped or stemmed the seduction by remembering at least a few of the problems I understand about them.

Of course, trying to explain this verdict to my family might not be the easiest thing ----- as near as I can tell, I'm the only person in my family who gives this topic serious investigation, thought and consideration.


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