Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Dad Warned Me

So, today I told my psychiatrist about my progress in telepathy 0, among other things.

When I made my great progress in telepathy 0, my dad warned me to not tell anyone, for fear that they'd change the game on me.

I don't know exactly what happened, but previously I could get 4-5 R's L's or H's in a row consistently, thus allowing me to get consistent 4 and 5 streaks.

But today I decided to keep track of the R's L's and H's with pen and paper, and I'm finding the most I get in a row of any 3 usually, and sometimes 4. There is plenty of alternation.

So, it's becoming incredibly difficult for me to do well, this time around.

I decided to give up when my mental readings came back completely black.

Just black. No real info. Just guessing now. Or maybe my "talent" just isn't working at this moment.

I wasn't really keeping track of my streaks today, but I'm thinking the best I did was probably a 3 streak, maybe a couple or a few 3 streaks. in less than half an hour of testing, I actually timed myself this time.

Yeah --- the other day the shifts were mostly consistent and it was easy to get the 4 and 5 streaks repetitively, but now I'm keeping track of the shifting and the most of a shift streak is 3, maybe 4, so there's a lot of alternation, sometimes with a pattern, but with unexpected changes in pattern.

Yeah --- the difficulty has increased on me I think. Or maybe today's just not a good day for telepathy.

But, after I told my psychiatrist about my playing of telepathy 0 the other day, she did suggest that I keep doing it and try to figure it out. Yay.

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