Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flip Flop after final verdict

So, I gave my final verdict a day or two ago saying that I believe the LDS or Mormon church is from Satan.

Well, today I was back into talking about things with my family, and I started talking about good moral values that should exist in our society which I don't see happening, and then started looking kindlier upon the Mormon church again because the Mormons really do put in a good effort (or at least they're supposed to give this effort) to teach proper moral values and creating desires to choose the right consistently.

I told my dad that if the LDS church people had treated me nicer and had made better decisions, I would have had no reason to leave them. I loved the LDS church, and basically what turned me off was their misbehaviour and their disrespect for even their own rules.

I don't think I'll ever go back to church or make any effort to bother with patriarchal blessings anymore, but though I say the LDS church is Satanic, I just have good memories of attempts to teach people good moral values.

The LDS church really isn't exactly the same as a "regular" christian church --- there are similarities and in some ways it's almost the same or even so similar maybe it would be seen as the same ------

What do I think about all the "blasphemous" things Joseph Smith said about God? Well, even if it was truly blasphemous for him to say certain things, there's a probability, I think, that Jesus wouldn't hold it against him.

I can't claim to know a good answer for every claim of a problem in the church - my verdict as it stands is that they're satanic-

but I loved the LDS church for their way of trying to teach people, in their way, about Jesus and trying to enforce a good moral attitude in the followers.

But, even with all that goodness, well, even all the "good stuff" can turn rotten in that organization.

Basically, mormonism is like alcohol. In limited amounts, it's OK - and even GOOD for you. But, get too much of it and it becomes a problem.

The Mormons don't drink alcohol anymore, so I don't need anymore mormonism as I can understand.

The Mormons liked to teach that you could have a beautiful cake presented to you, but if there was any dog poop baked into that cake you wouldn't eat it.  ------- They said this about movies that were supposed to be good and entertaining presentations but contained a few bad words, those bad words make the movie completely unwatchable in mormonism. ---------- Well, I personally view the Mormon church as a beautiful cake presented to me, but because of all the dog poop in the cake, or, essentially, all the problems I see in the church, I don't want to eat the cake, which means I don't want to go to church.

So yeah, the LDS church is a beautiful cake with good looking frosting, but inside that cake there is dog poop baked within.

They said such things about popular entertainment, and now I am going to be clear and say the same about them.

It was a really great organization, but there are too many problems for me to eat it.


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