Friday, March 27, 2015

Facebook Making Connections

So, a lot of my friends on Facebook are people I knew in the LDS church. For a long time Facebook would ask me if I knew someone who was obviously part of the religion in my local area.

I did actually know a bunch of those people, but I didn't friend them because I really am toning down my connection with the LDS church. There is good in the church, there is bad in the church, but there's enough bad that I don't feel like totally being involved anymore.

Anyway --- Today Facebook asked me if I know.... dum dum dum --- guess who? Well, I don't know who this person is exactly, as I never heard about them before, but apparently this person is a TV personality in Australia. I'm pretty sure it's australia, even though I didn't look closely at the location. Maybe it was the UK ---- but anyway:

Facebook has now asked me if I know this Foreign TV Personality. I do not know them, but I'm starting to get interested or wonder.

Yeah, a lot of the people Facebook asks me about these days are either Avril Lavigne fans, or friends of a distant relative who still lives in the UK.

I am so very introverted, and well, I'm not a very social person, so even if I do know you, I won't necessarily try to be your friend on Facebook. There are many members of my canadian and american family who I love dearly and who I am very proud of ---- but I am actually not friends with them on Facebook.

Facebook isn't a big thing for me right now, it was mostly me trying to market The Book of Finch. Ended up wasting a lot of money on that. Although, these days people have actually started to like my book without me having to advertise to them ---- so maybe I'm getting more and more famous.

I must be pretty famous, if a foreign TV Personality is being connected to me on Facebook. I wonder how Facebook makes these connections ---- am I like, being mentioned somewhere or what?

Not sure.

OH --- I guess I might as well say that though my telepathy skill isn't 100%, today after getting frustrated with Telepathy 0 (I managed to get a 5 streak and a 3 streak, and yes, I was feeling frustrated about the game) I turned off the game and tried a telepathy test with my dad:

With alphanumeric Pick 3 I managed to score a 2/3 in the right order. Yay. wonderful. That was the only test today.

So, I'm not perfect, I'm maybe mediocre or even slightly advanced in what I do, I'm not 100%, but I do have something going on.

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