Saturday, February 21, 2015

Recent Feelings About the Church

Believe it or not ---- sometimes I can think about the church and actually have some good ideas about it.

There was a certain man of some level of fame who was excommunicated recently, and I understand that he had some level of love for the LDS church despite not fully following the religion "properly" himself.

I look at myself, and realize I've lost my love for that church long ago --- I used to love it, but things just became so retarded that I have a very difficult time thinking nice thoughts about it.  Anyway, I think I'm still a member, although my last and final email to the stake president involved me swearing at him about the poor leadership of a past leader.

I just hope the stake president knows I don't have anything against him personally.

Anyway, I'm really psychologically screwed up about the church, I don't particularly care for it anymore and I sometimes get so close to resigning my membership-----

But I do believe in and have a working knowledge of miracles in the LDS church. I know the church isn't completely fake, even if there is a lack of physical evidence for most people.

Anyway, like this certain man of some fame who was recently excommunicated, we both find good things in Mormonism.

But this man who was excommunicated seemed to have diminished faith in God, he seemed pretty close to atheistic as I saw him, or maybe agnostic, but anyway----

He was trying to be a Mormon without having much faith in the supreme being, he was trying to live the life without the actual faith.

There are some things about the church which even I would find questionable, as we already know ----- But I don't understand how you can call yourself a mormon and yet have no actual real faith or belief in God.

Basically, there were a number of reasons pointed out which, put all together, that drove his stake presidency or high council to excommunicate him,

But when I look at what he said and realize that he lacked total faith in Christ and wasn't really certain about God's existence either ---- In my personal decision making and judgement----

I would say his excommunication was validated.

I have a hard time with people in the church who don't actually believe in God. Why are you a member if you can't just accept God's existence?

If you don't believe in God, in my opinion, then you have absolutely no business in the LDS church as far as I'm concerned. If you do have business, it's just so you'll start believing in God ---- But let's just say that when you got baptized you were already supposed to have that faith.

Anyway, I'm personally saying that I agree with this man's excommunication simply because I view his lack of actual faith in God to not be representative of the very essence of something a Mormon really should believe.

Not that my opinion matters of course.

But in all the garbage going around the internet or in my personal life about the LDS church ----- I find it fitting that they would excommunicate someone who tried to be and wanted to be a member who didn't actually believe in God.  That's good on the church.

I totally agree the church has been very retarded over time, but I think the church's practise of building faith in God has paid off in my life personally, and if there's anything good about Mormonism, it's that they do, in their way, lead you to Christ, and as such that makes the organization acceptable.

It's debatable if Mormons truly are Christian ----- but in my life personally, the LDS church really did lead me to Christ, and I fully accept that.

It's beyond me to see how someone who doesn't even believe in God could be considered Mormon.


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