Monday, January 19, 2015

Pfhonge Score Mode Now Free

With the release of "Little Pong" on OUYA, I can't help but feel that all the free pong games are undercutting my $0.99 price tag on my game "Pfhonge".

So, as such, I see it as pointless to continue charging $0.99 for Pfhonge Score Mode, and now you can obtain Pfhonge Score Mode for FREE, or a price tag of $0.00.

I don't want OUYA to go out of business, because I REALLY LIKE THE OUYA ----- but with all the free games and the inability to sell something for even $0.99, OUYA might run out of money, and therefore the natural result of running out of money is to go out of business.

Who knows, maybe the games I made are just crap and aren't worth the $0.99 price tag, and of course, the fact that people are unwilling to buy my games or my books just makes me feel bad, I feel like a worthless or useless individual when people don't buy my stuff (which is almost all the time).

Anyway, I recently figured that it wasn't a secret government tax --- it really probably is just that people don't buy my stuff.

So yeah, I'm sad that I'm not even worth $0.99 to most people, I'm sad that I'm not making money, that OUYA might run out of money, and yeah, anywho.

Anyway, now you can have the score mode of Pfhonge for free. I just couldn't compete at $0.99 with FREE. Yeah. Anyway.

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